Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bumper Boat

 we also did pony ride and ice cream - which was said to be the best in MA; then my camera battery dead...  


  1. I adore this top. A classic looking! :-)

  2. I like your getup. Comfy and nice.
    The bumper boat looks like fun too :)

  3. Thanks J.,
    in a 92 degree weather, I figured i should keep it as simple as i could.

    see how far my life style is to 'fashion'?

    at the mean time, girl you were the scene in China Town yesterday! one of my friends reported you were in your maxi hot pink/red flowy dress and a hat you wear to Derby, made many people turned head!! hehe...way to go.

  4. HI Chic,
    thanks. bumper boat is a lot of fun. B did it twice. one with daddy, and later he did it again with mommy. I enjoyed it a lot.

  5. I love your look - gorgeous for summer and the pictures look like you all had so much fun! So cute :)

  6. Hi katherine,
    so glad you found my blog! how did you find it?
    i checked out your 'featherfact' - love it! you write like a pro. i also like your classic, chic and casual style.