Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Activity: Canoeing

ready to paddle away...


was daddy the only one paddling? lil B seemed in deep thought. haha...


two sets of daddy and son canoeing


sand playing with friend


i dressed like my husband today.


a couple of new jeans.

a couple of new sandals

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Haircut

i feel light with shorter hair. it is a good length for me, i still can tie them back if i want.

grr... my mirror. it needs to be cleaned, so do my bathrooms and kitchen...


the reason i picked this necklace is that it reads as 8, which means 'get rich' in Chinese.


blue patent Tod's sandals. they look like YSL Tribute a lot.
designer houses get inspiration from each other sometimes.


new belt is here. now i kinda have 4 belts. i should be all set as far as belt goes.


a fun class for lil B.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

H Temptation

Jypsiere is another fabulous bag from H.  it is perfect, period. i was so attempted to get this one. then i picture myself wearing it in various occasions i usually go to... a hands on mom with a not-so-posh life style - it just doesnt feel right.  i must hold it off!  but to some cool professionals, this is THE bag,


i could not just leave empty handed. so i ended up getting this. my size finally appeared. it was on my shopping list.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today is a perfect day for a stroll along the harbor. in this picture, i noticed the girl walking behind me - her outfit is chic and comfy (enlarge the pic to see details).


this is the Etro tee i got when i was in the mall on Tuesday with my friend. it has different pattern front and back, like all other Etro tee. i just love its unique and pretty design.


boston harbor reminded me of SF fisherman wharf. i've been there 10 years ago...time flies.


we enjoyed a beautiful day at the harbor


we heard two musicians today... this is one of them. he plays electric guitar by the water.  DH and DS running around.  i was moved by this beautiful scene.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Pictures

Day 1 at the beach.


he loves sandy beach


we found a seafood restaurant by the beach.  after a very hot day which i barely survived from, i was happy to be able to sit and eat some seafood.

on day one, i was in a maxi silk dress. my flip flop fell apart from walking on the hot sand...


a live band played Blues and Jazz on the beach, outside the window of the restaurant we ate.




day 2 at the beach


he enjoyed every moment of the beach.


mommy was all covered up. but still, at the end of the beach trip, she became very tan...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polka dot Blouse

this picture showed how much tan i got lately...

the blouse has slightly puff shoulders and ruffles on the front.

i am convinced again these chanel slides are good choice.

(Fendi boston; Tory Burch city shorts; VS blouse)


one of my new buys: swarovski crystal pendant on light color gold chain.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Denim Dress

i have been pretty busy lately. the weekend was spend on the beach... strong sun light, ocean, hot sand took all my energy away. but the boys enjoyed it very much. we got lots of tan.

this morning lil B and i went to the mall to meet with a friend. mainly we shopped in NM. i got a Etro top...lil B got two monster trucks. my friend did not find things she liked to buy. there weren't not many good stuff left at this stage of the sale.

i am pretty happy with my outfit today. my friend dressed more casual. being well-dressed do get more attention and help in the stores...

these slides and denim dress are good match.

(dress is ABS; belt is Fendi; bag is BV)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Patent Prada Slippers

lil B had a fun day with his long time girlfriend today.  we went to a local sandwich store for a lunch together. it was packed.  a lot of working people were there for fresh healthy sandwich. both me and my mommy friend ordered lobster sandwich which was very tasty.


i just received these slippers today. they are very comfy and easy to be in and out. i think i will get a lot of wear out of these.


the picture of my clutch is from
it is Anya Hindmarch. mine is red, obviously.


they adore each other. and always have a good time when they get together. Friendship takes time to build.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joie Leopard Print Racerback Tank

today is cloudy and rainy. my smart camera made out this picture for me with very limited light. 

i scored the silk top from one of the sales lately. it was at 70% off. but of course, now they have additional 20% off, but my size was long gone...

with my turquoise nail color, i need to be a little careful with what i wear. color clash is not what i want.


these cute shoes were my first option for the outfit but i ended up wearing a pair of water proof flip flop because it was drizzling outside.


it's such a nice program for pre-schoolers. every time they show different animals to kids. today they showed two feisty ferrets.  kids were very entertained by them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Taupe Coral Combo

lil B zipped up mommy's dress for the first time today. he had a blush when i praised him. this is the sweetest relationship i could ever hope for.

i see my Big arm (holding camera) muscle showing in this picture - not exactly what i want to achieve in the gym, but they are the part of the deal.  to do yoga moves, i can't avoid using my upper body strength.


one of my mommy friends bought this Cynthia Steffe dress too, after she saw it on me. she would look much better in the dress since she has narrow shoulders and slim arms.

these slides are buttery soft. i got some compliments on these today.

i just realized i have two coral bags. oh well...

some bling for my ears.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie Night: Last Air-bender

"sex and city II" movie was out of theater already... not that i planned to watch it.  i can definitely wait it to be out in dvd.
 summer is a good time for watching some great movies in the theatre. we watched 'toy story 3' and 'last air bender' so far. i got teary eyes watching both movies.

we watch movie then we go to restaurant. i dont like taking pictures in restaurants. that's just me. i do love food.


without a hat... i can't believe i got this top from Macy's, it was not on sale but it was only like $60 something. the cutout details on the shoulders are charming. i also like the neckline deco.

turquoise nail polish is in this summer. i tried it on and loved it. DH said it looked neat. and that is a compliment coming from him.


cobalt patent wedges are very comfy...