Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zoo Outfit: Lilly Pulitzer Sheath

now i know my husband was right: the belt was not a good touch for the dress. the material of the dress is like poplin (a little hard and stiff) cotton with cotton lining. a little too sick for a belt to work well. the pink pockets line also prevent a belt to look nice on.

one of this summer's new shoes, Prada patent leather slides are very comfortable to walk in.
i have been carrying my new Jimmy Choo straw tote. i am glad i waited for 2 years to finally get a perfect one.


these are the reasons i love this Lilly Pulitzer Panda dress.


the birthday girl's mommy looks like Michelle Yeoh...

candle and cake

it wouldn't be the same if the best friend was not there to share.


  1. You are always so chic and well dressed.
    Love the fact that your husband's opinion on your style counts.
    You chose the appropriate clothes for the occasion and it looks like you had a wonderful time.
    If there was a happy family award I would definitely give it to you!

  2. Anna,
    thank you for the lovely comment above.
    i hope you had a great weekend.

    I wish my husband gives me more of his advice/suggestion/opinion on everything.

    as a family, three of us are as happy as we could be together. :) thank you for seeing that. the key is that we practice compromise again and again for many years, and we become better and better at it...