Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Summer End

After Labor Day, Summer will be officially over...
although we are having a hot summer end.  we spent last a few days in the pool.   no fashion by the pool side.  only dark tan added to my poor skin.

I finished reading InStyle and PeopleStyleWatch magazines.  i think i have a good idea what's in trend this coming season by now. 

" the key to a new wardrobe isn't what you buy - it's reinterpreting what you already have."

I am gonna have to show this photo to Linlin. This is Her!

Lace is again in trend.

i dress like this in Fall

Fall Florals - again, this is one of my go-to-outfits in Fall

fur vest is still in

green is popular this season

Linlin's go-to-outfit.  just add hat and scarf

besides hat and scarf, a jacket will make the same basic outfit look sleek.

green is this season's color. it looks good with brown.

you got to have a fabulous trench coat.

military green jacket.
hm, do i have one? nope. but i'll pass

sweater + shorts + boots combo is chic.

Anorak is more casual than trench coat. i got one this year. i am pretty sure i will wear it more often than my burberry trench coat.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Natick Collection

we went on a LV bag hunting trip in Natick Collection. The LV store has a big inventory. if you don't see a bag you like on the shelf, you need to ask for it. SA can magically turn it out from the back rooms.

at the end of the trip, we got the winner... i will have to take a good picture for the new bag when Connie carries it with a outfit she choose next time.


 what i wore to the shopping trip (4 hours): Anne Klein leopard cow-hair slingback; RM mac purse; Magaschoni leather effect front pleat brown skirt and mint green silk top with wave on the bottom.

Linlin rarely wears heels. these sky high platform pumps made her legs looked mile long.  Connie's dress looked summery and comfortable, matching yellow slides.

coffee break ( we all had second pair shoes with us yesterday in the mall )

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Action Packed Wednesday

we rushed to the mall after the Museum. and me and my family went to the lil B's new parents party after the mall. i was exhausted by the time we got back home from such a busy day.

the picture of me and gorgeous girlfriend Linlin in Anthropologie store,  little discreet sales room. I did not get anything as usual. neither did my friends. 

Linlin was carrying her new Balenciaga City.


i was wearing: H scarf, ToryBurch top, RM mac bag


while we were in Anthropologie store, we picked a quiet spot with good lighting for picture-taking.


lil B's was eating pretzel in that picture.


his portrait right before he fell and had his face scratched that night.  he cried a couple of time when he realized he got a ugly scratch on his face.

thanks God, his scratch on the face seems fading fast... i think it will be all gone in a week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Activity: Children's Museum & Dinner

 due to the bad weather, we changed our outdoor plan to indoor. 
this ball thing was new to the boys. they spent quite a long time there.

it is so wonderful to have a friend who loves photographing. i am usually the one takes pictures for people. now it feels great to have pictures taken for a change.   those priceless moment were kept in our computers forever. people who doesn't like taking pictures must have great memory...


my outfit for the museum and dinner: Tory Burch caftan dress, Prada black patent slides and Ferragamo hobo.

two happy mommies


she is just so precious.  i blurred the picture for some privacy protection. but you can tell they are both beautiful.


finally dinner time! we were all starving..


My husband named her style  as 'Japanese Style'.  because it reminds him the time spent in Japan.
sweet, lovely, chic, comfortable...simply gorgeous.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Activity: Camping

entering the camping area...


the cabin for city girls like myself and my girlfriends


inside the cabin: two queen size beds and two twin size beds; a table with a lamp and a bench


 a ceiling fan in the cabin.  hm, talk about camping in comfort. i think i can live with that.

wait a minute, this pose seems very familiar..ohhh, he picked it up from his mommy! lol


following the blue dots on the tree,  he did not get lost in the woods. Good Job! 


at the end of the hiking trial, there is a beautiful lake and sandy beach.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Play Date in Friend's House

i just love DvF dress. they offer wide range of  styles.  you can always find the right one that suit the occasion you go to.  this tank silk jersey dress is perfect for a play date in my fashionable friend's beautiful house.


after i saw this close-up picture, i decided to alter the shoulder and make the dress not so deep V. haha..


boys love cars.


lil B's new Hawaii straw hat given by my friend. Gosh, she looked this good even without any make-ups on!

Shopping for Kitchen

we picked out a huge piece of granite for our kitchen counter top. after that we did some other shopping nearby.  i was in a pair of blue low heel wedge sandals for walking around in the stores.

i always carry my little camera with me but i prefer to take mod pic myself because, 1. not everyone likes to take pictures, such as my husband who completely doesn't get something called 'vanity'; 2. image in a full body mirror is much easier to be captured.  see, i won't push the button if the image doesn't look right in the mirror. :)  and i tend to open my eyes wide when i check myself out in the mirror...

some people have impression that mirror in some upscale stores make a person look slimmer and better looking. i don't think it is necessarily true. but a upscale store does get the best mirrors and lighting to make sure their pretty garment are well justified in the mirror.

i picked up two full body mirrors in some random stores with my mommy friends.  this one in my bedroom does a good job - it doesn't make me look funny. the other one i placed in my closet room is not accurate. it doesn't make me look fat but it stretches my face. so i rarely use it.  But neither mirrors make me look taller or slimmer.  i am 5'5 and 110 pounds, i go to gym regularly.  some pictures are more flattering than others.  what pictures in mirrors can do is to blur some spots on my skin, make it looks better than it actually is.


this outfit is combo of a Escada blouse and Ali Ro bandage skirt.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Balenciaga.com Order

this beautiful color convinced me and i placed an order finally. But today, i received this:

Dear Julia,
Unfortunately, the product you ordered online is sold out at all of our retail locations, including our online shop. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.

Your order has been cancelled, and your account will not be charged.

Thank you for your interest in Balenciaga.

We wish to welcome you back soon on Balenciaga Online Shop.

Balenciaga Customer Service

it is not a good surprise - i must say, after i told a few friends of mine... i even planned a few outfits for the bag already. another thing confused me was, the sorbet color still showing as available on their website after they emailed me that it was out of stock. i decided to give them a call... two person talked to me; at the end, i accepted the fact that their system was not good and they were going to update it next year.

it will take me a while to find another B bag i like again, i am sure.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tax Free Day Shopping

 I was planning to get a H clic-clac enamel bracelet.  but my size in the color i like were out of stock.
a La Vie du Grand Nord scarf makes me just as happy...  it's my thing -beautiful, artistic H scarf.


the other thing i am addicted to: cute little house plants. 
these two are new additions to my silly habit.


lil B's new shelf, hopefully it will help him be more organized.
it seemed daddy is the only one did not get anything today...hm

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Visiting In-Laws

the first day of our visit: playing monster trucks with NaiNai in the morning


Day2: playing with other kids in a party


Day3: pool time


Day 4: in a Pirate theme party

MBMJ tunic, hot pink leopard motif pattern with zippers on both sides

above NaiNai's piano, we found one of Daddy's picture... like father like son


lunch date with friends today (back from vacation)

Nicole Miller blue silk scarf  dress: Fendi sandals