Monday, May 31, 2010

Zoo Outfit: Summery Turquoise

*all pictures can be enlarged by click on them.

every Spring/Summer we make a trip to the zoo since little B was born.


this pretty summer tote deserves a close-up shot

little B was sharing his snack with daddy.
his Memorial Weekend was action packed thanks for his devoted father.
yesterday he had a blast at the pool.
hmmm, it's so nice to have daddy around. imagine he is still in Korea...

he is not afraid of birds on his arm any more

not afraid of riding a Camel on his own.

he felt happy after feeding the deer

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Watch Baseball Game

*click on the pictures for close-up.
we sat very close to the field. I could see everything clearly without my glasses on.
i hate to wear glasses in public, i worry they make me look like a stiff, uptight, serious chinese woman. haha..

i wore: clear cluster necklace, J Brand skinny jeans and Juicy Couture top. bag (not shown): Fendi white Boston.

little B is a funny actor. he was making faces for his little admirer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

H Scarf: Jardins De la Nouvelle Angleterre

(*please click on the pictures for scarf details...thanks)

i was not planning to get a new scarf, but could not resist this beautiful piece when i browse H website.

it is like a painting.  my heart sings when i look at it.

the details are amazing... house, pond, birds, little animals...tranquil - that's the word pops in my head when i look at it.

today is super hot. the A/C was broke in Museum. we suffered a lot. little B did not seem bothered by it, he enjoyed a good time with his friends. it made the hot suffer worth a while...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Bag

my second RM bag, Mac clutch in almond tan, a yummy color that's good for all seasons.
it also can be worn as a cross-body bag. the leather on this clutch is better than my Beloved Mini.

i scored it on, since i had $25 credit, i thought I'd used it before i totally forget about it.
i like purse that has chain/leather mixed strap. since it is a clutch, the chain/leather strap can be removed. it is quite roomy as a clutch. no wonder it is so popular.

these Sketchers Shape-ups are the result of  influence by one of my mommy friends. they are very comfortable and give me one extra inch height... i think i will like them. 


little B was helping daddy with gardening.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dinner outfit: T shirt dress

Juicy Couture tee shirt dress

close up - still barely can see the zippers on the neckline and shoulders.

Betty Muller platform slingback

Before i left for dinner with friend, i decided to wear these Loewe flats. i think they go better with a Tee shirt dress. also more comfortable for walking around.

Have a Nice Weekend!

I know we will because DH coming back from his two weeks biz trip in Korea tonight -Finally!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meeting other mommy in the Museum

we meet with some Chinese mommy and their kids at one of the Museums every Wed.
I like to dress with a little Oriental vibe when i meet with other Chinese ladies - i think it is kinda fun.

low heel mules by Donald J Pliner

Little B was watching crabs, star fish, shrimps...etc

doing some kind of experiment with friends

Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Black Dress

the outfit i planned to wear on BIL's graduation ceremony.
before we headed out, i opted for a less formal black knit dress.

close up for the DKNY dress, belt, bag and necklace.

CL slingbacks

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Activity Pictures

walking towards to uncle K's master degree graduation ceremony

ready for a nice dinner with uncle K and aunt G
Aunt G is a model-used-to-be. she is 5 feet 10 tall.

little B was doing 'art craft' with birthday girl.

little B found two monster trucks in mommy's bag

 (*the partial original pictures were cut off because they could not fit on the page. please click on the pictures to see the full image)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashionable little B

at Playground

little B got some new clothes today, he obviously likes this Diesel top 'Turn up the volume'. he asked me cut the tag for him right away so he could wear it.

Friday outfit: Feminine top + Crisp City Shorts

I don't have to wear sneakers today because we are just gonna run some errands between stores. hair cut  appointment with DS's hair dresser. birthday gift shopping for a little girl's party on Sunday...etc etc etc

this outfit was inspired by a fellow blogger, 9to5chic. I opted for a city shorts instead of a short shorts in her outfit pictures.  to add some interest to the outfit, i picked up this colorful tote.

Silk top with ruffle: Hugo Boss Black label
Navy tailored City Short: Tory Burch
Tote: Prince
Pumps: YSL

close-up for YSL pumps

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Etro T Shirt Dress

NM first call started. i went over there after the Museum. DS was not up for shopping for mommy's stuff at all. I made the trip as quick as i could. i found my SA, and told her i wanted something casual, a t shirt something. she said, let's see some Etro t shirt... perfect! i was thinking about the same thing.

finally we wrapped up with this Etro t shirt dress. it has lovely colors and pattern. last piece left on the shelf. i was very happy i got something i really like at the end.  

i have another Etro t shirt that has different patterns/colors on front and back. i think it is just unique and pretty.

in real person, this scarf looks breathtakingly beautiful. it is like a piece of ocean.

it is a wearable art.

i think i will wear it with my white shirt for the first time, or white dress...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Play-ground Outfits

This is type of outfit i wear on the play ground with my son.
Puma top, sweat pants

close -up

orange Shanghaitang silk baseball cap

sneaker, Tod's

another Play-ground outfit- Diesel hoodie,cargo pants.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Floral Lace Capri

I got a lot of compliments on my dress today. A lot of people were doing last minute Mother's Day shopping.


Proenza Schouler sandals

added a chunky knit cardi and a DvF scarf when we went out. I needed it walking through the parking lot. 

Happy Mother's Day!!