Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Etro Tunic

we had a good time playing with one of my mommy friend and her cute lil girl in the Museum and park today. it was perfect temperature (low 70s with breeze) for outdoor activity. breathing in fresh air and walking on paved road in woods with two beautiful children and friend, my heart feels light and happy.


i carried my new straw tote. love it. casual but still got its designer details.
it cost me 20 minutes to find a right shorts to wear underneath the tunic. but it was totally necessary.


new buy - Alexander McQueen leopard silk scarf.


going to return this bag - it's already heavy for me before i put anything in it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zac Posen Skirt

i had to return a dress bought from Nordstrom online.
so i dressed up and took lil B to the mall today before his Karate class

we had a nice lunch in the Met Grill and Bar before we went to the stores.  let's see, some certain spoiled lil person always manage getting  himself new trucks when he goes shopping with mommy...he doesn't do shopping escort and dinner/lunch partner for free.


i just got this Zac Posen pencil skirt.
the white T with star embellishment is YSL

my first choice was this MBMJ tee. they looked nice together in theory. but when i put it on, it created some unflattering lines as it is a soft/thin tee. at the end,  i opted white crisp YSL tee. it made the pencil skirt look less formal.

in case you wonder what i returned to Nordstrom: Alexander Wang grey dress. my husband voted it off when he saw it on me, he said the front piece created extra bulk on my belly...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

French Connection Dress

Thank to my friend who arranged a special gathering for us this Sunday.
we got to watch Shen Yun Chinese Performing Art
and have a fun family dinner together.

(*I had no idea what the show was about beforehand. it was chinese traditional dancing and beyond - me and my husband are not fan of the 'beyond' part. Please do some research on it before you consider going. )

details of the outfit
I wore a stripe mini dress by French Connection. and completed the outfit with a couple of Chinese accessories: a jade Goddess of Mercy necklace and jade/leather tassel silk bag

close up for the Shanghaitang silk bag with leather trim

close up for the Casadei patent sandals


fabulous costume (picture from their website)


elegant moves (picture from their website)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alexander McQueen Top

I got this top last year. posted its pictures before but no mod pic, until today. 
the print on this top is a skull made of humming birds-
i find it very intriguing and beautiful.

we are going for a movie night later.  


the gold buddha necklace is a gift from mom. she loves gold jewelry.
the green Zac Posen clutch has a twin sister in black. she is sleeping in her dust bag right now.


i got these Prada studded sandals last year from Barneys.


this Choo straw tote is this year new buy.
i love the snake straps/trim/belt closure 
and its artistic hardware.


JC military style cardi. also a new buy. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Sales

almost all of big department stores started their summer sales by now.

i had a pair of Burberry wood slides on when i was shopping in NM. they hurt because i wore them for longer than i should, and plus i ran in them for about 8 minutes as lil B was escaped (when i was chatting with another mommy) in the Museum he goes every Wed. So, the result was a new pair of comfy shoes on the shelf of NM shoe salon. i saw a few pairs of Chanel flat sandals on sale, but none was more comfortable than these Prada slides. they look like something i would wear often.


this is the DvF silk Jersey dress i pre-ordered. a little drape details on one side, in this year's popular color combo.


i found a store in the mall sells all sorts of hair accessories, i think the owner is a Korean woman. and this is the one i picked. it makes a nice bun & pony-tail mix. very easy to use.


my new favorite eye shadow combo.

****i ordered bunch stuff from saks and nordstrom too, they will be here one by one next week.  stay toned.

last, there is a beautiful summer hobo by Salvatore Ferragamo on sale, it is a hidden sale, so here is the link:
i got one for its good price, i like the texture of the leather too. i dont think i have that color in my bag collection. -  i am trying to justify this purchase, hahaha.

let me add another Alexander Wang bag on sale in case someone is looking for one:
mmj totally turnlock:

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silver Sheath Dress

silver dress is Rebeca Taylor from past season.
we made a trip to NM store before little B's Karate class.
yes, i got something while i was there, a DvF silk Jersey dress.


close-up of the outfit. this BV purse is subtle luxury.

these camellia sandals finally made their debut today

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

what a good daddy would do on his day? stuff for his kids of course!

we put lots of sun screen on and rushed to Davis Farm Land, where you play with all sorts of animals then cool down in the water splash park.

little B had a great time. his weekend was all about water
since it was very hot both days.
yesterday we were at the pool. water was very warm.
we all had a good time, and some tan.


showing his nurturing nature to a little goat (brush its hair) and chick.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joie Leather Shorts

actually the whole outfit is Joie. first i found the leather shorts, then i started to look for a right top to go with it, the silk tank top with patch pocket from the same source, NM online, also by Joie, made into my shopping cart.

silk and leather combo - a little unexpected. but it seemed work. btw, the shorts are lined with silk .


i added a straw Fedora (Black Stone from Saks online). not sure new BV bag was the right bag for the outfit but it was right behind me on the night stand, so i threw it to the look.


close up for the outfit, and the bag


close up for the leather shorts. i have a leather mini skirt but it doesnt look right on me any more.


close up for the back of the shorts.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blind Busy

i am trying, and  trying, and trying...
to make my life more interesting than it is.
it's never an issue when it comes how fast time goes by,
but at the end of the day, i feel...restless some nights.

i rarely wear flats. i found this picture in my file and thought to myself, flats don't look bad on me, even they don't make me look taller. 

this skirt is shortened. i have not got a chance to take a picture for the new version.

that's why i don't wear my hair down much. it is not a flattery style to me.

taking pictures for my outfits gives me a good idea what doesn't work for me.

just caught up with Rachel's blog, the beaded sandals from her friend's shop reminded me of these beauty, which were buried in somewhere my closets. i shall not forget to wear them this summer! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Corporate Perks

today's' outfit

i had a pretty decent Friday morning
as my Choos clogs and BV bag arrived.

under the same roof, some certain person has more fun than
a stay home mom (which is me).
he went to watch Laker vs Celtics game without us last night!
his company paid for it of course, and next he is flying to DC for one day
just to play golf with people from head office there.

going through all the pictures from last night game, i can't help noticing too many cheers leaders pictures.
one of the DH's co-workers got his picture taken with cheers leaders. he looked very excited in the picture.Hah.

little B doesn't bowl well but he loves doing it.
- passion is the best teacher.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Signature Woven: Bottega Veneta Shoulder Bag

my headache was gone this morning together
with the issue (was resolved, thank God).  

it made me happy and i got this bag for myself to celebrate.

it is a pre-order item, i dont know when i will actually get it.
but it is ordered! - my very first BV woven.
one of TPF friends told me i should give it try
and she was sure i would love it.

one of my mommy friends mentioned about the light gold Prada sandals i posted at the Museum today. i had to tell her i won't be wearing those sandals because i replaced them with these Choos!

i really need to get around putting together a cool outfit one of these days.
i think i will wear these clog sandals with my new Joie leather shorts.

another item worth mentioning is this French Connection number.
 i got it in my size on sale. yay!
i also received 5 pairs of shorts today... they are summer must-haves!

Monday, June 7, 2010


last week gone by super fast.  
 i did not sleep well for a few nights in a row.
my picture above reveals i have a knot inside my head. hah.

girly kate spade sandals to go with my floral embroidery white dress.
this year, i bought another white dress with lace sleeves and neckline.

Anya Hindmarch mirror shoulder bag

saks designer sale score.

another saks designer score- burberry jersey mini dress

little B at chinese culture festival...the poster, the bicycles...very meaningful

dancing lions at chinese culture festival

...and, the lion dancers are not chinese!