Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Etro Tunic

we had a good time playing with one of my mommy friend and her cute lil girl in the Museum and park today. it was perfect temperature (low 70s with breeze) for outdoor activity. breathing in fresh air and walking on paved road in woods with two beautiful children and friend, my heart feels light and happy.


i carried my new straw tote. love it. casual but still got its designer details.
it cost me 20 minutes to find a right shorts to wear underneath the tunic. but it was totally necessary.


new buy - Alexander McQueen leopard silk scarf.


going to return this bag - it's already heavy for me before i put anything in it.


  1. This Etro tunic is great and looks greater on you!
    You are one of the most chic women in the blogsphere.
    I really love your sense of style.

  2. OMG, Anna, you just made my day!