Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bass Pro Shops

Our Saturday started off well. B got his new belt from his Karate practice. YES!

then we went shopping for daddy. Bass Pro Shops is an amazing store -"it's not shopping; it's an experience!". We had lots of fun there, and daddy got what he wanted. he is so happy!  Ahhhh... shopping makes everybody happy.

Pumpkin Carving

This was what B wanted for his Halloween Pumpkin to look like.

This was my favorite...

Daddy started to work on our wishes.

getting patient

Tada - our 2010 Halloween Pumpkins!

we love them! and we love him!! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

B's 4 Halloween Looks

He had his very first Halloween when he was 45 days old.

His Nainai brought this lovely costume with her when she visited.

He was Boo-ed by daddy! hahaha...

at his second Halloween, he was a Dalmatian. We picked up this costume on the Halloween week - it was a last minute shopping. we were not happy about the quality and fit. but he looked really funny and cute in it. 

 he had loads of fun that Halloween. he fell in love with Halloween since then...

when this picture was taken, he had a candy in his mouth...

words can't describe what it feels like when i looked at these pictures.

on his 3rd Halloween, he was able to express his wish well and he told us he wanted to be a race car driver.

  He wanted to be Superman for a while. I found the last Superman suit in his size in the store. I think I was more thrilled than he was.  later that night, he told me sincerely, 'mommy you are my best friend'.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday Halloween Costume Parade

We started to celebrate Halloween a week earlier. This year, lil B is Superman.

He had a fun time with his regular friends in a beautiful park nearby.  the weather was perfect too...

then he got on a mini van of my friend's, enjoyed a ride with 4 other boys to YMCA for another parade.

Kids were asked to make scary faces for pictures. lil B did good there. 

Parade started, he walked around showing his Superman's super muscles in proud.

a side note: two girls were doing model photographing in the same field where kids ran around. but they seemed not bothered at all.

the model girl must have changed her outfit in her car?? i hope she did not do that in the porta- potty.

i see,  the photos were aimed to be sexy...from what she wore in this cold Autumn weather. because some of the mommies wore down filled coat and leather coat at the same temperature!

Banana Republic Cardigan

We went to Linlin's house on Sunday. two boys were having a great time playing Chuchu train, while Grown-ups chit-chat and browsing the H website!  But instead of buying things,  i was considering to take Linlin's advice and cancel the H bracelet i bought the night before. This morning, I picked up the phone and canceled the order. I felt good about my decision.   to leave your cash in your bank is always much better than buying something not right for you or you don't really need/love it.

did i pull off a 20 bucks Banana Republic cardigan?  here is the truth-

 oh so focused... playing Chuchu train is a serious thing, you know.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Good Day with Friends

After lil B's Pre-K class, we rushed to the mall to meet with Linlin and her family. Then two more friends joined in and we had dinner and chit-chat together in Linlin's house.

B took this picture for mommy. I found myself smiling in all of the pictures he took.  the power of a little cute boy is unmeasurable.

Linlin tried out a Chanel Tote in the store. it looked fab with her outfit. 
 B was curious about the wire attached to the bag she was carrying, lol.

 lil B is almost always a good sports. he is happy and he is up for anything, even the thing (straight) men hate - strolling in the mall for hours.

 i spent 20 more minutes to get ready with this hair-do. i have too much hair - they need to be ironed and tamed with styling cream if i don't put them in a pony tail.

two stylish women passing by - i was quick enough this time to take a picture. The blonde was quite eye-catching. her hair looked overdone or something. it didn't look very natural.  actually her shopping mate was just as pretty and stylish.  but when i only had time to look at one person,it was the blonde!  "blondes have more fun "(or do they?)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Beautiful Autumn Day

Not many days like today are left to us. cold and long New England winter is around the corner.

I was swamped by millions of small things this morning...but i kept telling myself i must get there. i am glad i didn't miss a beautiful day in a pumpkin wonder land with my lil B.

in this picture, lil B was running around and feeding carved pumpkins (those got big open mouths) with pine cones and acorn....

I love Fall. but it makes me feel a little sentimental sometimes. When I sat in the empty park today, and watching leaves falling off the trees, and lil B's looking for a playmate - his beautiful big eyes were filled with loneliness... my heart got tightened a little.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself life is just not perfect. i have a couple of things that bother me: my tooth implant is failed after 5 years and it's needed to be redone which means lots of pain and live without a tooth for a long desire for shopping (and quite a few other things) dropped a lot. my doubt towards customer service and product quality have raised again and again....i simple don't have things i want to get because i am afraid it will fall short of my expectation again, then i deal with buyer's remorse for a few days.

lil B always giggles when he takes pictures for me. he did a good job on the picture below.
Whenever i feel down (for whatever silly reasons), i just need to look at him and i know why i should not be unhappy about those unimportant things.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leopard Print Cardigan

Husband didn't feel like going any of the weekend activities i came up with.
to my surprise, he chose to go to the mall. It was sunny out but very windy...

We had lunch first and did some shopping. Then lil B met one of his friends. they had a blast.I enjoy watching him having fun with his friends.

Husband took one picture of my outfit. and it was not very good one - i looked somewhat mad in the picture.

what's in the bag i was carrying: a light grey DvF top with ivory chiffon/lace trim.

this slouchy hobo got a unusual color. it looks nice with my outfit of the day.

what a happy boy.  he loves weekend. because on the weekend, he has both his mommy and daddy  around.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shopping Buddy

lil B is everything i could ever dream from a man. he is handsome, he is funny, he is loving, he is sweet.... one of the things sets him apart from the rest: He doesn't mind going shopping with me! since he entered my life 4 years ago, my days of going-shopping-by-myself were gone gone gone!


besides shopping and lunch together, we take pictures for each other - just like me and my girlfriends do.

i believe, one day in the near future, he will be good at taking pretty pictures for mommy;
for now, this is the best he can do - at the least, he got all my outfit in the picture.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvard Square: Octoberfest Parade

there were about 40 some Parades... we had a great time watching. lil B was completely absorbed and amused.