Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday Halloween Costume Parade

We started to celebrate Halloween a week earlier. This year, lil B is Superman.

He had a fun time with his regular friends in a beautiful park nearby.  the weather was perfect too...

then he got on a mini van of my friend's, enjoyed a ride with 4 other boys to YMCA for another parade.

Kids were asked to make scary faces for pictures. lil B did good there. 

Parade started, he walked around showing his Superman's super muscles in proud.

a side note: two girls were doing model photographing in the same field where kids ran around. but they seemed not bothered at all.

the model girl must have changed her outfit in her car?? i hope she did not do that in the porta- potty.

i see,  the photos were aimed to be sexy...from what she wore in this cold Autumn weather. because some of the mommies wore down filled coat and leather coat at the same temperature!


  1. Your son is the cutest Superman ever! Love his costume!

    My daughter is going to be a Snowhite this year :)

  2. Thanks Mona,
    if i had a daughter, i would like her to choose snowwhite costume too. :) i wish could see some pictures of your daughter in her snowwhite dress.

  3. Thanks, Julia!

    She had her Halloween party in school today. She came back so excited :)

    I keep telling myself that I need to start a blog one of these days. If I do, I'll definitely post the pictures!

    This weekend is going to be so busy because of Halloween, but for some reason I am feeling a bit tired. Just want to stay home and do nothing :) I guess I chose a wrong weekend for that :)

    Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Halloween!

  4. Please start a blog. your friends and family will want to see pictures!

    you too have a happy halloween!

    p.s. i felt tired this week too. and a couple of unlucky things happened to me. 1. my implant (tooth), so painful. i feel better now. 2. my new car got scatches when i went to one of the playgrounds.