Friday, October 22, 2010

A Good Day with Friends

After lil B's Pre-K class, we rushed to the mall to meet with Linlin and her family. Then two more friends joined in and we had dinner and chit-chat together in Linlin's house.

B took this picture for mommy. I found myself smiling in all of the pictures he took.  the power of a little cute boy is unmeasurable.

Linlin tried out a Chanel Tote in the store. it looked fab with her outfit. 
 B was curious about the wire attached to the bag she was carrying, lol.

 lil B is almost always a good sports. he is happy and he is up for anything, even the thing (straight) men hate - strolling in the mall for hours.

 i spent 20 more minutes to get ready with this hair-do. i have too much hair - they need to be ironed and tamed with styling cream if i don't put them in a pony tail.

two stylish women passing by - i was quick enough this time to take a picture. The blonde was quite eye-catching. her hair looked overdone or something. it didn't look very natural.  actually her shopping mate was just as pretty and stylish.  but when i only had time to look at one person,it was the blonde!  "blondes have more fun "(or do they?)


  1. Julia? You are so beautiful!!!!!!
    I really love your outfit and I'm dying for your bag, your shoes and those amazing tights.
    Dinner and shopping with the girls is always so much fun.

  2. thank you Anna,
    it is much more fun to go out with friends than by myself, which i almost never do.

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