Monday, October 25, 2010

Banana Republic Cardigan

We went to Linlin's house on Sunday. two boys were having a great time playing Chuchu train, while Grown-ups chit-chat and browsing the H website!  But instead of buying things,  i was considering to take Linlin's advice and cancel the H bracelet i bought the night before. This morning, I picked up the phone and canceled the order. I felt good about my decision.   to leave your cash in your bank is always much better than buying something not right for you or you don't really need/love it.

did i pull off a 20 bucks Banana Republic cardigan?  here is the truth-

 oh so focused... playing Chuchu train is a serious thing, you know.  


  1. You are so beautiful in these pictures.
    Love your make up!