Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Yes We shopped on Black Friday, both online and in stores.

let's see what Julia got... a pair of cool boots, 2 dress, 3 tops, a leather jacket, a necklace, a bag. hm, not too bad. will take pictures after they get to my house one by one. sales are definitely not as crazy as last year. i was spinning by saks's crazy sales last year this time around... oh well, life goes on without crazy sales. actually i dont even remember what goodies i got from last years' crazy sale. how about you?

we went online and bought Ds toys and new clothes. Dh bought himself some new stuff in the Prudential Center building today, where we had our dinner at The Palm. Ironically, he paid all of his shopping at full price - he doesnt care about sales, he cares about what he needs at the moment. typical man.

my ODJ was black wool Tory Burch dress with two lovely patch pockets. I carried my red Chanel PST -it's such a pretty holiday color that lights up a dark color outfit instantly. I finally test drove these Fendi patent platform ankle boots - pretty comfortable for walking around the mall for almost three hours. my poor Wolford tights was not very lucky, it snagged a little when i took my boots off (a few times) to try new shoes.

Dh was glad that i forgot bring my camera with me to the mall and dinner. he took a quick picture for me and Ds after we got back.

Overall, it was a great Black Friday experience for us. - no super deals, but we all got something and we are happy with what we got.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quiet Thanksgiving Day here

Thank you, Maria and Claudia for your Thanksgiving greetings!

However, things have not gone as planned in our household. Dh caught a flu from work, which only meant one thing - no party for us this holiday.

I had picked out a nice outfit for our fancy dinner in downtown. but now i have a casual outfit i wore on Tuesday to the mall to post here. ( i made a trip there trying to find out sales after thanksgiving from a couple of SAs i know... )

not sure which item was the theme of the outfit i wore that day - the boyfriend jeans or the green python pumps. (*the bag with interesting hardware is Donna Karen. )

**please click on the picture for close- up.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Outfits

My Saturday outfit for shopping (new bed for Ds):

D&G silk blouse;
Saks classic cashmere red cape;
Lafayette148 houndstooth wool skirt;
Japanese flower pattern (looked like dots in the picture) brown stocking;
Claudia Ciuti brown/pink heart pumps;
Chanel Madness nail polish
Gucci Joy tote

Sunday outfit for kids' B party:

Rebecca Taylor sweater;
RL black label skinny jeans with zipper on the ankles;
CL slingbacks;
MK flap.

* Please click on the pictures for close-up.

His Happy Weekend

Ds had a good weekend as usual. He went to his friend's B party; A nice day working in the yard with daddy; Craft time in library.
I like eating at restaurants, but i also don't mind cooking. The last picture is Lo Mein I cooked for Ds and myself.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Military style wool Jacket

I like this trend. it adds some edge to a look. I am glad it is back.

I could not help taking a picture of a scene in front of me: Ds was drinking his milk in his pajama, legs crossed, watching his cartoon on TV...oh so laid back. I just love my day starts with moment like this, it sets me in a good mood for the whole day and evening.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's wearing: Plaid

I am not a big fan of Plaid. Dh has a lot of plaid shirts in his closet. I got a new one from Ralph Lauren this year since it is one of the trends, so now I have 3 Plaid shirts (all by RL) in total.

I also got this black down filled puff jacket (Ralph Lauren Blue label) for the winter, it feels warm almost instantly when i put it on. not mention it's sporty style made it super wearable/practical for a hands-on mommy like me.

*please click on pictures for scary close-up. :))

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dinner Out

A Rainy Saturday... we joined in holiday shopping crowd and everyone got some good out of it: daddy had his steak; mommy got some skin care products; little monkey went wild at playground for a while.

tada- this is my 'statement' necklace i was talking about the other day. it looks retro rather than trendy. but i love its delicate beauty.

this mini laptop is a gift from dh. i am using it right now. it's very light weight, very small. comparing to my new purple gloves, which are the smallest size6, it is that small.

my odj is a green sweater dress. since it is a rainy day, i opted for my other green shoes with the dress instead of my chanel green/black two tone, which are more compatible with the dress. gosh, my legs looked 'strong' in the pictures. maybe i should try Rachel's tips of slim legs.

**Attached a picture of green/black chanel shoes, and a mod pic of my green/navy Ports1961 sweater dress with the shoes.

(to see the details, pls click on the pictures. )

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Children's Museum

Children's Museum is one of the busiest places in town - due to many of us devoted parents...

Ds watched a short episode of ballet for the first time there. He was a decent audience for the ballet, but he was more interested in talking to the boy sitting next to him.

He also climbed that cool waved/layered thing for the first time, he was super proud of himself. he used to be afraid of those stuff not long ago.

my ODJ is one of my uniforms. from the mod pic, i came to the conclusion that designer jeans worth the extra!! the bootcut slightly ripped jeans in the picture was not a designer jeans, it did not look good on me - it was the first time i wore it and i am done with bad jeans. you get what you pay for - it is very true with jeans.

i did not use the LV bag in the mod pic (i think it is a good color for summer, maybe; or orange bag is just not such a good idea). it did not go with the outfit...the hair style, my mother was right - i look better with hair up. she prefers clean, simple look.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inspired by an Outfit from Gossip Girl

Jessica Szohr from GG show has her own special style. She can pull off many different colors in one outfit. Same outfit would not work well on Serena/Blake.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lace insert Leggings

my ODJ of yesterday:
nude lipstick (*have to click on the picture to see the close up)
Chanel pst bag
Magaschoni cashmere tunic
VS lace insert leggings
Dior booties

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H belt

it's here! love it!!

3 new lip colors i got recently: nude, natural, true red.

Fendi ankle boots. they dont look like Givenchy wedge ankle boots with chains on the heels, but i am able to resist the temptation from getting Givenchy boots or any new 'it' boots this season...

the last picture is a pair of lace insert leggings.