Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inspired by an Outfit from Gossip Girl

Jessica Szohr from GG show has her own special style. She can pull off many different colors in one outfit. Same outfit would not work well on Serena/Blake.


  1. Hi! Julia- very lovely look, relaxed and chic. I really like this look on you (younger look my girl. I mentioned to you before that I'm loving leggings these days too. But weather here still a bit warm. I can't wait for it to cool off so i can wear more fall/winter clothes.

  2. Hey, Julia: your bag is almost identical w/ hers.:)

    I must say I love the dress, jacket and perfect touch of scarf very much!!! BUT... the legging, I was thinking I'd try something w/ texture...studs, patterns at sides (like your laser one but I know, it has to be legging because of your sandal heels).....or oh, sequins legging?? I know, maybe because i'd like to see that cool studs sandal heels more than covered by your too long leggings!! ;P

  3. Thank you Claudia. it is a good outfit, i think you look good in this outfit too. jessica S is a college student in Gossip Girl. so it is a young look indeed. :)

    we are not having a cold weather here either these days... i hope you can wear your leggings soon. i know you will look very good in leggings since you have slim legs.

  4. Hi R., thank you for dropping by.

    the purple thing is not a dress, it is a tunic/long Tee shirt. if my vision of beige leather jacket is motorcycle style like Jessica's, i would not change the neck accessories. i used a scarf instead because the suede jacket i have doesnt have collars.

    i am searching for interesting, yet age appropriate leggings too. maybe not sequin leggings though. or leather look leggings. i want to look young but i am afraid of looking weird for my age, like trying too hard or something... you know i am 4 years older than you are. it does make a big difference. i just became this conservative 4 years ago!

    can't wait to see your new outfit! i always wonder what you would wear next.