Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Halloween was fun. Ds had a great time with his classmates, buddies, and his parent's friends. I dressed up nice too, but no one cared to take pictures for me. lol. all cameras on kids- this is the reality, keep telling myself to be happy with my little ordinary life.

i got a H belt... yay!! i love wearing belt, so i figured...why not!!


  1. Congrats on your H belt! It's one of my favorite belts because it well with everything. :)

  2. Thank you Betsy! i am excited about it. i will post some pictures soon.

    i read about your Halloween on Rachel's blog, good to know you and kids had a good one.

  3. Hi! Julia,

    Nice Halloween pictures! Your son look like a real superhero and I can sense he got a lot candy, yummy.
    I can't wait to see you H belt. I'm dying to get one myselft too.

  4. haha Julia after I posted my comment above, I realized I had mistaken your son's halloween costume. Of course I missed reading your post below mentioning he is a race car driver. sorry, he looks great in any costume and a superhero car driver then :)

  5. Hi Claudia,

    oh you should totally get a H belt! you like wearing your jeans, no? i got mine on blue jeans togo leather and black box leather. two sides. i am glad they offer the reversible belt. if you buy two belts, and both gold and pallidum/silver buckle, you will be all set with belt, with the variety being given.

    ds got a ton of candies. but we dont want him to eat much candy. my husband will take them to work.

    dh was not 100% happy with the race car costume. the look is ok, but the quality... hm, i guess i have to shop around more next year for a good costume for ds.

  6. hey, Julia:
    Congrats. on your H belt. SO which color you got!!!

    My son dressed as a car racer too. He is a speed racer but I don't remember where I put his helmet .... haha.. Your son's costume is super cool and the food looks delicious!!!!

    Oh, you should have asked your DH to take a pic. of you!!!!

  7. thank you R.!
    i got blue jeans and black. am going to post picture in a minute.

    oh Neil was race car driver too! he would be a good friend with my son if we live close to each other.

    my husband feels it is 'weird' to take picture of me in the public. oh well...