Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Week

I just came back from Rachel's blog, and was amazed by how similar we are in so many ways... i just got a couple of new lip colors the other day, one of them is True Red! and the other one is like her Givenchy one!! let me see, both of us got 3 lip colors lately, and they are nude, true red and natural. very interesting...

i hope i can wear true red lip color as well as i used to... i got too much tan this summer, i am afraid it won't go back normal this winter fast enough.

anyway... i have been busy this week. my fashion magazines says sequin jackets and check prints are in, so i wore these two outfits on Tuesday and today.

this year, DS wants to be race car driver, he looked very cool in this outfit. it also comes with a helmet. he took it off when he ran around.

i plan to wear these two jackets later: the black wool military style(new buy) pea-coat, and the chocolate brown suede boyfriend jacket (old).

tomorrow, there will be a Halloween party for kids and adults respectively in the private club we belong to. hm...


  1. Julia - Jacket season is definitely a fun season for me as well. I've been going through my "jackets" section and trying to come up with new ways of wearing them. I'd love myself a new sequins jacket for this season too but I'm on a slight ban riht now. :( I can see you dressing up with that one in the holiday season... What are you outfits planned for the military jacket? I like how Rachel wears hers...

    Julia, your DS is a cutie with his Halloween costume!

  2. Hi Besty,

    thank you for your compliment for ds.

    what ban? did you just buy something big? what did you get? not a new chanel bag, yes?

    yeah, i will wear my sequin jacket again this season.

    i am pretty sure i will wear my gucci scarf with red and green pattern inside the military jacket, and pair it with riding boots and grey skinny jeans...

    i am going to check out Rachel's military jacket again.