Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Outfits

I totally love the idea of wearing a belt over dress+sweater.

we went to a museum yesterday since it was raining. it was 3rd time we went there this year, it was packed on Saturday. someone was having a wedding there! bride & groom had their pictures taken in front of a huge dinosaur model, very close to where i sat. the bride was not shy to be checked out by people in the museum at all, and she looked quite tall.

yesterday's outfit was kinda Halloween appropriate, orange + black. The orange woven wool sheath dress is one of my older favorites. i have had it for 10 years. the fitted sweater is Esprit. i thought it was expensive when i bought it many years ago, but it turned out to be my favorite black cardigan thus far. bronze belt is Etro. leopard print calf hair pumps are D&G. patent miu miu tote and burberry trench coat not showing in the picture. We walked to a nice restaurant from the museum afterwards. I had my favorite lobster diavolo, Dh had tuna with wasabi on top.

today's wearing: Saks classic loose cardigan with ruffle trim. merino mauve tunic; Fendi belt and ankle boots; marc by marc jacob totally turnlock hobo; subtle stripe leggings are Wolford.

i was wearing a nude-ish lipstick in both pictures. somehow it was showing rosy on me.


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely. i'm definitely trying more belt over sweater look these days but i have the tendency to go with thicker belts. not sure why, but maybe b/c my waistline is not as trim as yours and Rachel's. LOL. in any case, i <3 this look too.

  2. Betsy, thank you for your comment. it cheered me up a lot.

    wide belt, or skinny belt, there is no definite rules when it comes to making right proportion, because everybody is different. i am sure you rock the look!

    wish you a fabulous Halloween weekend!