Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Shorty

Shorts in the fall: it is a really cute way to dress in colder months, with tights and boots or clogs.

i am up for it. it gives a girl freedom of a pant without all of the formality. they are more comfortable and secure feeling than a miniskirt.

i did get a couple things today: a pair of khaki Theory city shorts; a Juicy Couture tracksuit jacket in black.

except taking Ds out and about enjoy sunny golden Fall weather, i finally watched 'Valentino-the last emperor'. a spectacular farewell party, he said, ' i would like to leave the party when it is still full' - hah

i liked reading an article about Michelle Pfeiffer from InStyle magazine. one of things she said made me laugh, ' i have one pair of skinny jeans that i keep trying to wear, but they last all of seven minutes on me. i feel like a pork sausage' - hmm. at some point, i will need to give up skinny jeans and mini skirt too. btw, Pfeiffer is 51 years old.

i think i am going to watch 'The September Issue' next.

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