Saturday, October 3, 2009

Same outfit Different accessories

weather is not good for outdoor activities today. Bloomingdale is having Friends & Family sale this weekend. we drove there and bought a down feather comforter. It is a good move to get a much warmer comforter that we can save energy by turning down the heat at winter nights.

later, we had an early dinner in a Hong Kong restaurant in the mall.

While dh and ds chasing each other in the mall, i sat in a couch people-watching. I was amazed by how many people carrying a Burberry outwear in their arms, and i was one of them. no wonder a Burberry outwear was listed on 10 luxury item must-haves.

my ODJ was created in March. but it wasn't until today i actually wore it. i opted different shoes and bag to tone down the outfit. also wearing my hair down made it less formal.


  1. Hey, Julia:
    I can't tell you loose your hair since the background is dark, meanwhile, I think you loose way too much of weight?!! did you?!!! I love the pic. you carried Chanel GST very much. Well, not that you look less pretty today, maybe it is just the pic. makes your face looks so bony. You mentioned that you don't usually have good night sleep, is that why? Or the floor renovation thing stress you out. Oh, sis, rest more, (at least take nap during the day if you can't sleep well at night.) and eat more chicken (protein). :)

  2. My Dear, you are so observant! after i saw your comment, i went to weigh myself, i did lose some weight!

    my pictures look better and real when you click on them and see their original size. i have small bone, so when i lose weight, i look shrunk overall. i think not having good night sleep did it. i was waken up by my son last night again.

    our renovation projects were all done by now. dh did most of the work. i just offered my input. :)

    i dont eat red meat. i love seafood. my guilty pleasure is chocolate ice-cream. i will eat more chicken if you think it will help. :) u r so sweet.

    xoxo - julia