Friday, October 9, 2009

Silk Shirt + pinstripe Trousers

This morning, Ds and I woke up to a disappointing rainy Friday. we tried to have some fun time at home first, then headed out to the mall for a lunch and some shopping for daddy.

Ds had his breakfast, and started to watch his new favorite show, Jungle Junction. I was reading Vogue, July issue. I like this issue more than September issue. not many Asian face as usual. however, i saw a small picture of Wendy Deng on the corner of one page. she is pretty tall for being a Chinese woman, something like 5'10. i must say she looked nice in a Thakoon dress, the shoes went with the dress were very drool worthy. I remember seeing the same Thakoon dress on Blake Lovely. oh she looks good in anything!

my odj was same as the one Zzy was wearing at 'rush hour 2' movie premier in 2002(?). i didn't intend to copy this outfit, it just happened to be my choice this morning. later this evening, i was reading a story about her not attending some party because she and jackie chen don't get along. this was the picture posted along with the story. so many coincident.

the accessories of my odj are as follows:
*the heels of these YSL pumps kept slipping off my feet as i was walking. hm, i am gonna have to use one of Rachel's trick and put some gel pads around back of the heels.

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