Thursday, October 22, 2009

A couple of Lovely Animals

We had a really good time in the Museum Ds goes every Wed for his pre-school program. it was a perfect day weather wise. even polar bear was out enjoying such a beautiful day. I did, however, later, ended our trip with an unpleasant encounter with another mommy. whose son hit Ds, she did not stop it, i got upset and had to step in...

this vibrant color snake showed to the kids reminded me of my snake skin Michael Kore bag. it was lined with
gold color leather. just realized i have not used it once!


  1. Hi Julia,

    As always, great outfits! I love your snake skin bag!

    Sorry to hear about the encounter with the child who hit your DS. That is one of my biggest pet peaves, people who stand there and watch their children hurting others and don't stop them or reprimand them. I hope your DS is OK. He looks adorable with his hair parted on the side!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Julia! I am looking forward to having a few days off. We had an extremely stressful week at work!

    Take care,

  2. Thank you Maria.

    i agree with you, it is a big problem that a lot of people dont do their job to raise a non-aggressive child. we got too many aggressiveness and violence in our society these days. it is definitely the combination of bad genes and how they are raised.

    i can't tolerate others hit my son. but i can't be there all the time for my son, he has to learn how to defend himself.

    you too have a great weekend!

  3. oh forgot to mention, my son was fine. he was not hurting or crying. i was sitting not far from the site. when it first happened, i gave that mother, who sat next to the site, an opportunity to stop her son. she did not do it. then i shouted out loudly. nothing worked, finally i rushed over and stopped the boy myself. i also questioned that woman fiercely, "are you just gonna sit there and watch your son beating other people's kids?!!"

  4. Good for you for saying something to the mother. She needed to know that her son's behavior was not acceptable. Your son is lucky to have such a gerat mommy!

    In my line of work, we see children all day long, every day. You wouldn't believe some of the outrageous things we've heard and witnessed! It's very obvious that people do not reprimand their children very often, if at all.

  5. Hi Julia,

    Glad you said something to the mother. That is one of my pet-peeves as well, parents who don't discipline their children. Glad that you're there and your DS wasn't hurt.

    BTW, beautiful snake-skin bag!

  6. thank you Maria. i felt better after i spit out what i felt about it to that woman.

    you are absolutely right about people not reprimand their children. because it takes a lot of effort! and they are afraid of making their kids upset with them.

  7. Hi Peachbaby /E.F.

    good to see you!

    i always keep my eyes on my son, to make sure he doesnt get hurt or something. there were a couple of times, he ran out of my sight, i had a lot of nightmares about it - never let it happen again.

    i saw the similar snake skin bag on sale in Neiman Marcus, here is the link: