Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Outfit for DH

when I keep seeing my clothes on other people ( celebs or not), that has to mean one thing - i have a lot clothes.

i think more than twice now when i look at a piece of clothes, and ask myself this question - don't i have a similar piece in my closet already?

time to slow down for myself and shop for Dh (dear husband)! he has been going back to the gym since summer. he always has a very nice built, now with more defined lines, he is happier with his body.

i suggested this look (see picture on the left) to Dh last weekend; he said, ok. hey,that was a bit surprise! being a manager with everyone working for/with him are a lot older than him, he tends to dress very low key/conservative normally. so, this look is somewhat a change for him.

this morning, i picked up all the pieces in this outfit, including the brown belt. well, almost all the pieces, we are not going to pick up those sexy golden curly hair on the model this time. lol.

as soon as all the pieces are here, i will take modeling pictures for Dh and post them here. i picked a few more pieces just to see what works better on him. hopefully he will keep them all at the end.

after i posted " She nailed it", i remembered i had a mod pic in my file that looked like the outfit on VB. the dress i was wearing is DvF. after i posted it last year, Ri604 wrote a comment and she thought the rose buds pattern on the dress was ladybugs. lol.

but now, when i look at this outfit, i am not happy with it any more. i prefer a longer and fitted cardigan with a belt, and a different bag! and a platform instead of a simple pumps. hopefully i have a chance to take another picture of an improved version soon.


  1. I still love you in dress the best. So feminine and sexy.

    There is no rush of thing, we will wait for your transformation for this look in the future. :)

  2. yeah, i love wearing dresses. you really can wear dresses all year around. for what i do these days, it is not very practical to wear dress. but i try to squeeze a couple of opportunities here and there to wear my dress.

    thank you for saying that. i really dont know when i will be dressing up again. today i am going to take my son to a museum for his pre-school stuff, then out in the field to play, including his favorite - sandbox. i gotta make sure he enjoys few nice warm days left in Fall. me dressing up nice is put off again and again.