Friday, April 30, 2010

DvF Animal Print Dress

We went to the mall today. I was going to pick up a slow cooker, but i changed my mind before I entered Macy's. Instead, i got some make-ups from Shiseido. 

My Shiseido SA is a very sweet, nice Korean lady. She married to a Marine service man and moved to the States... has two beautiful children, son is a lawyer and daughter became a doctor.  She enjoys her job as a make-up SA.  she always takes her time playing with my son, and makes conversations with me.

Every time when she sees me, she would come out from her counter and check out my outfit from head to toe. She told me she liked my today's outfit.

The nude color shoes and the Marc Jacob bag are a good match, but i am not too sure nude pumps look nice against black sheer stockings...Before we went out, I opted for a pair of lower heel, brown pumps with pink heart on the front- they reminded me of a pair Chanel shoes from last winter.


nude platform pumps by Claudia Ciuti

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Special Day

I like a low-key birthday for myself since I turned to 18 years old. I don't tell people about it and I don't throw a party for it. Only my family (including my in-laws of course) knows about it. When my husband helped me set up my facebook, he added my birthday in my file. I was pleasantly surprised by many birthday greetings from my facebook yesterday.

This lovely orchid is from my mother in law. It lights up my mood whenever I see it.

this is the outfit i wore yesterday. I did not take a mod picture because time was tight. The new Gucci scarf turned out to be a very nice choice. if i must compare, it is better than my McQ skull with angel wing scarf.  best of all, it doesn't snag.  while McQ has several snags already.

To start off my special day, we went to New England Aquarium because mommy wanted to see some beautiful sea creatures on her birthday. hahah... DS had fun there. I felt very content while watching his little face filled with amusement.

Nearby Aquarium, is the best restaurant in town, Chart House. the best part of my birthday was accomplished with a very satisfying seafood meal.

The truth is, every day is special day that I am so incredibly lucky to spend it with this person.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A very modest FF loot

don't know where to start... I was absent from my blog for a week. there is something wrong with me- I am out of order.  I had two accidents (including the one i talked about previously), very minor ones, but still... my confidence was crashed a little too. i lost a night's sleep and pondered with self blame (or self-doubt?).  am i a good driver for my son?! ... btw, my husband hates all the inconvenience i caused.

Life still goes on, even after two accidents happened... I took DS to the places so that he could enjoy himself. he pointed out there's scratch (actually was some scratch + a hole) in front of my rental car before he gets in his seat every time.

Only two things in my FF loot this time around: I returned a LV scarf last month, so i got this grey Gucci scarf as a replacement. Then a Dior eye shadow. - that is all, the most modest loot i did since i started to shop from saks ff sales.

If you look the eye shadow picture close enough, you can see some colors on the sponge applicators - that was how it came in!  i felt uncomfortable to see it. i don't want to think someone had used it already. because you can not sell returned/used make-up, period. but these days, you never know, because stores just don't seem to care no matter what.

Last, drive safely, my friends.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Trip to NM

Today's ODJ to NeimanMarcus: Prada bag; SW shoes; Spanx stockings; Ralph Lauren Blue label wool/cotton shirt; Puma top; VS shorts

Give Away: I'd like to give this $50 perk card to one of my readers.If your local NM store has a restaurant, you and your shopping partner can use this card and enjoy a free meal! Please let me know soon, so i can mail it to you before it expires (April 30).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

T shirt Dress

I shopped today. in the morning, we went to the mall and i got this teal blue stripe T shirt dress (see mod pic), and a light grey feather pattern/sequin embellishment, chain shoulder with cut out detail.  Later in the afternoon,I saw this necklace from Aldo window display and went in, found out it was only $15! it weighs pretty heavy. looks very cute in person. In the evening, I got a email from bare-essential for free shipping on any order, i snatched a pair of floral lace capri for my new T shirt dress. - i think they are better fit than the tights showing in the mod pic.
*one of  the season's trends: denim bag. 

Monday, April 12, 2010


I spent my weekend being sick (diarrhea/weak/nauseous). not sure what exactly caused it, DS got it first, then DH, then me. First I blamed his pre-school place, but then it could be bad food, water...seasonal virus.

being sick created a good opportunity for me to sit put and watch the whole game of Masters Golf Tournament 2010, till Phil Mickelson put on his 3rd green jacket.

*Augusta National Golf Club is just breath taking.

* Spring is the right time for this scarf.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Statement Necklace on my Wishlist

Rachel pointed out my necklace collection needed to be updated. I totally agree. after some looking around, my eyes fixed on this Proenza Schouler statement bib necklace.

I suppose the reason it landed on my 'wishlist', not my 'shopping list' is that, this cool piece cost cool $1180+tax!  (* consider the materials used to make the trend design, brass, glass...etc)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Build an Outfit around One key Item

i have this Elie Tahari silk/lycra skirt for a year, I decided today is the day to wear it - it's unnecessary to buy new stuff when you have many unworn in your closets, no?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

DS's Easter weekend was made by his sweetheart NaiNai (Chinese for grandma). I wish NaiNai could see the moment he discovered his Easter goodies basket by the door!

Same thing with last year's Easter. I found some pictures from my 2009 picture file. Everything sent from his NaiNai makes him ecstatic. It's like she knows him too well. there is a connection...

Picture of me in: DvF dress (2009 spring/summer collection) + Chanel classic flap medium.

(* the last picture: 2009 Easter goodie basket sent by NaiNai. )

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coastal Living, My Style

I could not think of a good title for this post: the outfit is tee+city shorts+messenger bag- not whole lot different from my last outfit. Then Rachel's 'coastal living, my style!!' came to my mind for some reason. it is such a big title, and since i live on East Coast, it actually fits me too. haha..

my parking lot accident did affect my mood in some degree. every time something like that happens, i tend to be more quiet and think a lot. i have fear to the things that unpredictable - it is my nature.

*please pardon my need-to-be-done pedicure.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not the kind of Excitement I was looking for

- A fender bender in our gym club parking lot this morning! I am not going to describe all the details because it just gonna make my head bigger. the result is that DS and i will have to drive a rental car for a while (don't know how long yet). I guess all the money i saved over high deductible will be used to fixing the truck now.

Chinese saying: 人算不如天算

I guess i won't be buying another bag for a little while. ugh... i need to punish myself for this silly mistake. good thing is DS was not shocked or anything by the bump. he seemed very calm during the whole thing. he was even excited to get to ride in the police's car home since our suv was towed.