Friday, April 23, 2010

A very modest FF loot

don't know where to start... I was absent from my blog for a week. there is something wrong with me- I am out of order.  I had two accidents (including the one i talked about previously), very minor ones, but still... my confidence was crashed a little too. i lost a night's sleep and pondered with self blame (or self-doubt?).  am i a good driver for my son?! ... btw, my husband hates all the inconvenience i caused.

Life still goes on, even after two accidents happened... I took DS to the places so that he could enjoy himself. he pointed out there's scratch (actually was some scratch + a hole) in front of my rental car before he gets in his seat every time.

Only two things in my FF loot this time around: I returned a LV scarf last month, so i got this grey Gucci scarf as a replacement. Then a Dior eye shadow. - that is all, the most modest loot i did since i started to shop from saks ff sales.

If you look the eye shadow picture close enough, you can see some colors on the sponge applicators - that was how it came in!  i felt uncomfortable to see it. i don't want to think someone had used it already. because you can not sell returned/used make-up, period. but these days, you never know, because stores just don't seem to care no matter what.

Last, drive safely, my friends.


  1. Hi Julia,

    I am sorry to hear about your accidents. I'm glad that you and your son are OK. I know from experience that it is a big hassle having your car repaired and driving a rental. Hopefully you will have your car back soon!

    Your new Gucci scarf is gorgeous! You deserve a little treat after the stress you've been through lately. Can you exchange the eye shadow? I'm so germ-aphobic, I always open the boxes while I'm still at the makeup counter and before I pay. The SAs usually don't mind if I do a quick check. I've actually found quite a few items that were used! Apparently, they unintentionally put returns back on the shelf.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend, Julia!

    Take care,

  2. HI Maria,
    thank you!
    we are all ok. my son was not shocked either time. but yesterday when i drove over a empty can on the road, he asked me, 'what's that, mommy? car ok?' i think he worries a little now about my driving.

    the new scarf is subtle. i dont have a grey scarf, so i went for it. it looks better in person than the picture i posted.

    i am not feeling too great about the eye shadow. i threw away the applicators, and sort cleaned the color that look like been touched, and decided not to return it. because i dont want to go through all that. return shipping is $10. not worth returning. but i will not buy make-up from saks any more. i will always buy make up at the counter in the future, so that i can inspect it before i take it home.

    i will try to calm down during the weekend, and pick up my confidence of driving. on Monday, i finally can get my suv back. and hopefully all of these bad luck put behind forever.

    have a great weekend too

  3. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you.I know how you feel. *Hugs to you, please don't blame yourself, I'm sure you are a good driver. Just like the old Japanese saying: Even monkeys fall from trees :) I'm very glad you and your son are okay.

    Love your new gucci scarf. Agree, it's always best to inspect makeup before buying. I'm very picky about it too.

    Hope you feel better. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your Gucci scarf is fantastic. I so love the color, gray is perfect neutral right now. I am sorry about the accidents, I know exactly how you feel. I was rear ended a few months back and my rear bumper almost fell off. To think I was on a stop waiting for the light to turn green! I was ready to get all mad at the driver because my DD was in the car with me and it scared the heck out of the both of us. Then I called my DH and he tried to calm me down saying nobody wants to bump into any car and that is why it is called an accident...long story short, we drove a rental car for a week, not bad. I was able to test drive a big car that I might want for my next family car,hehe.

  5. Sorry to hear about the accidents, Julia. Accidents somehow do happen on the roads even if you are a careful driver. The most important thing is that no one was injured. Hope you'd build up your confidence again.

    Your Gucci scarf looks pretty. Mod pics pls?

  6. HI Claudia,

    thank you very much for the comfort. I think of the word you said a lot lately: even monkey fall of the tree sometimes. i feel that i fit in that old japanese saying very well.

    i admit i am not myself, i am hope for more than my current small world and super simple life...


  7. Hi MadsaboutU,
    thank you for telling me about your experience. did i hear a big family car in the future for you? so does it mean you plan to expand your family?

    i feel lonely for my son, and most likely he will be the only child for good...

  8. HI dreamloft,
    thank you for your sweet comment. i am slowly back to my normal self. the accidents woke me up in a way... i will be ok, i am thinking about going back to work in 2 years, when my son is old enough for kindergarten. even just something simple or temporarily.

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