Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Special Day

I like a low-key birthday for myself since I turned to 18 years old. I don't tell people about it and I don't throw a party for it. Only my family (including my in-laws of course) knows about it. When my husband helped me set up my facebook, he added my birthday in my file. I was pleasantly surprised by many birthday greetings from my facebook yesterday.

This lovely orchid is from my mother in law. It lights up my mood whenever I see it.

this is the outfit i wore yesterday. I did not take a mod picture because time was tight. The new Gucci scarf turned out to be a very nice choice. if i must compare, it is better than my McQ skull with angel wing scarf.  best of all, it doesn't snag.  while McQ has several snags already.

To start off my special day, we went to New England Aquarium because mommy wanted to see some beautiful sea creatures on her birthday. hahah... DS had fun there. I felt very content while watching his little face filled with amusement.

Nearby Aquarium, is the best restaurant in town, Chart House. the best part of my birthday was accomplished with a very satisfying seafood meal.

The truth is, every day is special day that I am so incredibly lucky to spend it with this person.


  1. Happpy Birthday, Julia.

    Ah, first of all, your son is too handsome!!!

    Second, the jelly fish is gigantic.....never see this huge one up so close..haha...

    Third, where is your ODJ picture??? Too bad you didn't post one. The scarf and the H belt looks very luxe!! And you must be looking stunning too!!

    Last but not least, I like chart house...but their taste is a bit too blank for me....I had to seasoning more myself. :P I know, chef would want to kill me!!

    Have a good day!!!! ^O^

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful day! Your outfit looks
    great. That scarf is so pretty and I especially love the H belt in Blue Jean. :-)

    Your son looks so mature in that photo. He has grown up so much since I first started "chatting" with you on TPF. He is so handsome -- he is going to be fighting off the ladies someday soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia!

    Take care,

    PS: I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I've had a completely awful week and it is so much fun to read your blog and see your beautiful outfits. It helps me take my mind off things for awhile. Thanks, Julia!!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    first all, thank you for the comment and birthday greeting. i love it.

    second, thank you for the great compliment for my son. sometimes i have to pinch my arms to believe this beautiful person in front of me is my son. i am definitely getting much older, so to have a son makes me feel less scared about getting old.

    third, in this particular aquarium we went yesterday, jelly fish has their own exhibit room. there are so many different kinds of jelly fish... just beautiful to watch.

    sorry about no odj picture... i put on make-up and all that. but husband and son were waiting impatiently. in the aquarium, it was so dark to have a good outfit picture. most important reason actually is, my husband is super shy about taking people pictures in the public. after we got home, it was too dark for pictures.

    yup...i added a little extra salt to my dish last night in Chart House. believe it or not, my favorite dish, and the dish i eat most of the time is like your beef noodle. i dont always add beef in my noodle. sometimes is ham, eggs, chicken, tofu...etc

  4. Hi Maria,
    thank you very much - i could not feel more flattered to read your comment above!

    i love my h belt, i realized i made a good choice of my first h belt. i am thinking about getting another one. gold buckle with tan/grey colors...

    my son is 3.5 years old now. he grows fast. he changed a lot since you first saw his picture. i love taking pictures for him, i have camera in my purse almost everywhere i go. so i dont miss good moment of his. i notice he has some 'mature' expression, very fascinating...

    may i ask why your week was awful?

    hugs - julia

  5. Hi Julia!

    A quick and long note.

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Birthday dear JULIA

    Happy Birthday to you

    Best wishes for you ALWAYS =) =)

    Awww I completely agree with above posts...yes yes your son is absolutely handsome!!

    I can't wait to finish with my school semester that way (next week are finals) I'll get more free time to visit you here.

  6. thank you for the birthday song, Claudia.

    congrats on your final week with school. one of my brother in law will be done with his masters next week too. he will drive here and his wife and we will all go to his graduation ceremony...yay!

    thanks for the compliment for my son. i am a proud mommy. :)

    good nite

  7. Hi Julia,

    I just sent you a private message on TPF.

    Take care,

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Julia!!

  9. thank you Betsy!

    have a nice weekend with family! xoxo

  10. Happy Belated birthday! ;p

    The pics in the aquarium are pretty nicely taken. :) Pity, there was no ODJ pics.

    I lurve your H belt. I'm planning to get one too but I've not decided which colour to get.

    Your son looks more grown up in this pic. =) I like the cap on him. Very english look.

  11. HI DreamLoft

    thank you!

    i just checked hermes website, they dont have a lot of choices... the color combo i like no my size. they also seem run out of brushed buckle. only smooth silver and gold left. they used to have brushed silver and gold...which i prefer.

    my son likes wearing hats. i am looking for a cool floppy summer hat for him now... a lot of fun to dress up a little boy. :)

    enjoy the rest of the weekend

  12. My son refuses to wear any cap!! Arrgh.