Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coastal Living, My Style

I could not think of a good title for this post: the outfit is tee+city shorts+messenger bag- not whole lot different from my last outfit. Then Rachel's 'coastal living, my style!!' came to my mind for some reason. it is such a big title, and since i live on East Coast, it actually fits me too. haha..

my parking lot accident did affect my mood in some degree. every time something like that happens, i tend to be more quiet and think a lot. i have fear to the things that unpredictable - it is my nature.

*please pardon my need-to-be-done pedicure.


  1. hha... great title isn't it! I wish I could live in a house near by the ocean one day... but half moon bay is not one of my dream retirement place..Hawaii is!! :)
    I like your t-shit, it is very chic. (but I don't like the necklace that much.. I wish you have more crystals, ribbons.... sort of the kinds in J Crew. They have pretty chic and brilliant design of accessories and some of them are inspired by vintage jewelry too for this spring collection. You should check it out!!

  2. yeah, it is a great title. it is nice to live on the coast.

    you could buy a vacation house by the ocean. but i would not want that myself. i used to live by the ocean when i was in FL. not all that great... especially when hurricane season hits.

    i dont know if you want to live in Hawaii either. my husband and i were there for a quite a while (for his project). we didn't want to live there at all. it is extremely beautiful, there is no question about it. but after a while, you get tired of it quickly. 2 weeks vacation is all you need. let me know what you think after you come back from there.

    i know, my necklaces are not up-to-date. i need to get something cool. i have crystals but not mixed with ribbons. i have not bought anything from jcrew, after seeing those jcrew pictures on your blog, i want to check it out.

    my shopping desire is sleeping for now. i am a little frustrated about something. i dont know what exactly it is.