Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Statement Necklace on my Wishlist

Rachel pointed out my necklace collection needed to be updated. I totally agree. after some looking around, my eyes fixed on this Proenza Schouler statement bib necklace.

I suppose the reason it landed on my 'wishlist', not my 'shopping list' is that, this cool piece cost cool $1180+tax!  (* consider the materials used to make the trend design, brass, glass...etc)


  1. This outfit is so chic!

    And that bib necklace is gasp...pricey...but a statement piece indeed.

  2. thank you Dreamloft,
    haven't seen you for a while. hope everything is well with you. i am going to check your blog...

    it is a cool and chic necklace. i am sure some fashionista dont mind the price tag. i can afford it but i dont have a big motivation to get it. my husband will be only 'impressed' by its price tag. haha...

  3. GAWD, that necklace is beautiful...but the price! I would consider it if it was something classic that I could hand down to my daughter though, I don't mind splurging on real jewelry.

  4. Hi MadsaboutU,
    me too, dont mind splurging on real jewelry. i love gem stones.

    but a lot of trendy designer jewelry these days are made of brass, glass...etc. you know these things cost almost nothing... and won't look as nice as time goes by. people who buys it pays for the design/the idea mostly, which is merchandise too. i am not on that level yet...

    enjoy the rest of the weekend