Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve: Science Museum

B likes the Science Museum. We went there with 2 other families today. But husband's wish for a New Year Eve's party fell flat.

i don't know why my face was shiny in the picture. i think i am going to blame it on my dirty lenses. haha..

the Dior riding boots are my new buys.

B and husband were instantly sucked into this new Kinex thing in the museum.

except Kinex, Reptile exhibit is new too...

i love watching them building things together.

what a cool turtle that was!

B was happy to play with friends. he loves other kids.

a pretty girl works in the museum. 

put a mouse bone beside the python bone, B had a good idea how big a python is, and how many bones a python has...

I made a windmill with Kinex. and i was allowed to take it home! yay!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movie Date

We watched Black Swan. Then, guess what, we went to the mall again!

Linlin was wearing her Saks After xmas sale loots: Moncler coat and MJ bag. I was carrying my new coat: a grey toggle button wool coat by Cole Haan. J was wearing her red hot boots.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


we toasted our 9th Anniversary today at The Palm.

Today is also one of my friend's wedding. Too bad, we could not be there for her. Wish her the best at a spectacular Indian wedding in Mumbai.

that was me with a not-so-happy face.  B always looks good in pictures. Husband never forgets smiling in the pictures. 

desert time!  is that why they are so sweet?

he likes a good piece of steak.

i like a good piece of cheesecake

...and red wine

my seared ahi tuna

...and Monday Night salad with some raw anchovy in it. 
i got some raw seafood in my belly tonight. so far, no belly ache.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Buffet at Cafe Fleuri

We had a holiday gathering at one of my favorite places, Cafe Fleuri in Langham Hotel Boston.

An hour after we made home, a blizzard started...

holiday dressing requires some sequin, red, gold...
I saw a lot of ladies wearing sequin.  I had some gold ones on my sweater pocket.
I also chosea a red Zac Posen bandage knit skirt.

B had a matching brown corduroy pants with daddy. he was wearing a Burberry cashmere sweater i got 2 years ago. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Day: Receiving Presents

Thanks to Linlin, husband and I have a pictures together now! we should do this more...

It is daddy's favorite thing to do -prepare lots of presents for his son and surprise him next morning.
i try to understand after all of these, he would give the credit to Santa Claus.   But i think B knows his doting daddy did all the work. because i can see it from his expressive eyes. he just plays along...

...and it took daddy a hour to wrap up,  it took B a few minutes to rip off.  they both enjoy this game very much.

To his parents, he worth every effort!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Shopping: RL Woolly Plaid

Giving friends little something on xmas is nice, no?  I don't expect gifts from others except mom and husband, one big reason is that i know i will be heading to the mall next. To Chinese, to owe friends' favor is a big deal.

Before me and B rushed to the mall, we took pictures for each other in front of xmas tree again...
I can't describe how lucky i feel having B. He is very attentive to his mommy. and he is very patient with this mommy. he is like a daughter I always dream of. but hundreds of times better in many ways.

B likes those tasty fruity warm tea in the mall.  when he is thirsty, he would go over to the tea house and 'try' some samples. hahaha...  one of these days, his mommy has to buy some tea from there.

husband likes plaid shirts very much. i get one or two per year myself.  this year, i got this woolly plaid shirt from RL Blue Label.

this picture was supposed to be the best among total 8 attempts by B, but it turned out fussy.

close-up of the shirt.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmas Shopping: Alexander McQueen Top

are we going to have a white Christmas?

B was trying to clean the driveway for his daddy to come home...
today is a slow day of the week. we slept in and took our time having breakfast and lunch at home. 3 packages showed up, two of them are B's. one is Alexander McQ unique signature wrap.

...and a white shirt with his signature skull print inside the wrap.

it is more versatile than i thought. 

this lace skirt also go well with black/white stripe sweater.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Shopping: Alexander McQueen Scarf

before we went out, i asked B, ' can you take a picture for mommy with xmas tree?'  he said, ' yeah, sure! but you have to take picture for me with xmas tree too!' - son, you are too cute to bargain...

he makes me laugh...  what am i going to do without him?  

he loves xmas and presents. 

he is charming.

oh look two guys are shopping in VictoriaSecret store... and one of them obviously could not figure out what to buy there and looked into gift card option! lol.

my soft warm presents in those boxes...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Bag

i was looking for a new bag as a holiday bag. i tried this one in the store, it just looked right. i was eyeing on Alma, but it did not look as good as i thought on me. so i came to a conclusion, not only clothes you need to try on, the bag you must try on too. some popular nice bags may not suit your style and look.

i found this cloth in the bag, i guess it is for cleaning or protecting.

another reason i chose this bag is that i can see myself use it more often. it is structured and shiny, but it is also causal as it is a tote style.

i am happy with my choice at the end. this is a good bag.

I just noticed my poncho is a little different from the pictures on the website. the pockets on mine did not come with leather trim, which i prefer. i thought leather trim on pockets was redundant.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wool Poncho

B's look at School holiday pageant.

there were a few kids' parents forgot to dress their kids in "holiday best".  they did not look happy..

i finally got a wool cape!  i would not wear it with a dress like on the model though. how about wear it with skinny jeans and tall boots... 

the cape is reversible.  i love the idea. works well on this particular cape.  this side is pale camel plaid. very equestrian look.