Friday, December 10, 2010

Dumpling Making

i am lucky that i have a husband who likes cooking. these days, B wants to eat dumplings all the time. the only way to feed him quality dumpling is to make them fresh at home. 

i got all the ingredient in Asian Market for our chef.

 voila - beautiful hand made dumplings!! and they taste delicious...

we took it easy today. running to the bank and grocery store... making dinner. playing xbox. 

i bought these booties at one of the sales during thanksgiving. Linlin got a pair of same booties in black. hope she likes them too.

we put up our xmas tree two days ago.  it lights up our holiday mood.  our room filled with nice pine tree smell.  the scent makes me happy.


  1. Oh your Christmas tree is so beautiful.
    And your outfit is so cool.
    Love the combination of dots and stripes and the color of your new boots is amazing.

  2. thank you for liking my outfit!
    dots and stripes are good together sometimes. my son likes the combo a lot. :)