Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve: Science Museum

B likes the Science Museum. We went there with 2 other families today. But husband's wish for a New Year Eve's party fell flat.

i don't know why my face was shiny in the picture. i think i am going to blame it on my dirty lenses. haha..

the Dior riding boots are my new buys.

B and husband were instantly sucked into this new Kinex thing in the museum.

except Kinex, Reptile exhibit is new too...

i love watching them building things together.

what a cool turtle that was!

B was happy to play with friends. he loves other kids.

a pretty girl works in the museum. 

put a mouse bone beside the python bone, B had a good idea how big a python is, and how many bones a python has...

I made a windmill with Kinex. and i was allowed to take it home! yay!!


  1. yay! i have something in common with B!! i too love science museums!!!! these photos are so cute and julia you look amazingly gorgeous. love it, you're such a stunner.

    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  2. Happy New Year sweetie, to you and your beautiful family. You are the most stylish mommy in the world.
    Keep it this way.
    Wish you the best for 2011.
    May all your dreams come true.

  3. Thank you Kristy, what a compliment. :)

    can't wait for the result of FTF contest... You did the best!

  4. Happy New Year to you too. I almost fell off the chair reading your compliment. haha... you are sweetest.

    May your new year filled with fabulous things and experience.

    xoxo -J