Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mall Rat

Count me in, MadsaboutU. I am a huge mall rat. haha..

It rains very hard today. where to go in such a nasty rainy day? Mall - of course! garage to garage, we didn't get one drop of that rain.

we took some pictures of our today's outfits. DS checked his watch and said, 'hm, almost time for daddy to come home'.

(*last picture is for Claudia)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not-so-great Easter 2 years ago

We had a successful Easter Egg Hunting day last Saturday. I totally forgot my dentist appointment because of it. The front desk of my dentist office sounded very upset on the phone - but, it was all worth it.

Fast backwards 2 years....

the day started all very well: the weather was perfect. DS had his green bunny rabbit shirt on, and Easter butterfly balloon in one hand, a monster truck in other hand... 1 hour Later, the balloon flew to the blue sky; the monster truck was crashed by mommy's SUV!

I actually wore the same tweed jacket (see in the last picture) i wore 2 years ago inside my black coat on Saturday. It was sunny but pretty chilly, i had my coat on all day.

Last Saturday: Easter Egg Hunting with Friends

Last Sunday Wearing: Denim Dress

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tagged: Inside my bag

Thank to MadsaboutU:

It feels great to be included in the group. :D
*note: the 'hello kitty' bag is for my camera. the versace case is my prescription glasses, i have a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses kept in my suv.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to Routine

We drove many hours during the past 6 days... we attended a beautiful wedding, and spent some quality time with family.

Everything went back to normal as of today. DH went back to work, DS and I started our little routine.

I have not got any pictures with me in it from the wedding. according to DH, my look for the wedding was a complete winner. I think i will take some pictures for the outfit later- it definitely needs to be kept in my file.

for the first time, i took my blue Prada crossbody bag out today. the weather was bad, i just threw some simple stuff on. not sure they looked nice together. oh well.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Floral Mini Skirt

We had a rain storm over the weekend. Just I thought the sky must have been leaking, sun is out today- finally. We went to the mall and picked up a few things for the coming wedding.

I did not sleep well for a few days in a roll. Wind blew open our cable box outside the house or the cable guy forgot closing the door after he was doen, during those windy rainy evenings, it created this weird sound with slapping doors. I was creeped out... i woke up and checked on DS a few times. Not until last night, i found out the cause of weird sound.

I did not buy a new dress for the wedding as i have a few in my closet that i have not worn... my final decision is Etro corset with ruffle + Herve Leger pencil skirt. On my mind, the perfect clutch would be the Prada pearl color clutch with big crystals along the frame from current season. but i don't want to shed $2000 for a clutch that i know i will only use a couple of times in my life. if it were for my son's wedding, i will definitely get the ideal clutch... and everything else.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Trip to LV Store

Thanks everyone for your inputs on the pale pink scarf. I decided to exchange it for something else in the store after a lot of thinking. Wasted no time, I went in yesterday afternoon as soon as we came back from a big buffet lunch with bunch friends after kids' pre school stuff. Time was tight but i went home first and got changed. I wanted to carry a LV bag and wear heels. the blue jersey Cynthia Steffe dress looked nice against sunset orange Vernis tote.

It turned out to be a very pleasant experience. the SA told me she totally understood i did not want the pink scarf. she said it was for someone with dark skin tone like she did. I would look washed out in it. Her beautiful smile and great patience won me over. after several attempts to different items, my eyes fixed on a Damier Ebene messenger (pictures below).
'OK, this one!', after i saw 'made in France' inside the bag, i made my decision.

it is a great bag, not only it is a lv messenger, it does have that 'zen' factor. i felt it right away when i put it on.

A happy ending after all... maybe not to my wallet, as it is a accidental purchase. but hey, better than losing in stock market - according to some statement i got today, i lost a bag in one month!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Keep or Not to Keep?

This morning, DS and i woke up by door bell along with a brown box.

I knew what was inside the box... without much suspense, there was, pale/peachy pink LV shawl i ordered the other night. Not very pleasant for me to find, the person who packed the box left her trace by a piece of black hair (click on the second pic to see)beside the pink shawl, hmm...

it is such a color (not as fresh in person) that it doesn't make me fall in love at the first sight. I wonder if i should make a trip to their store tomorrow.

and i should waste no more time and start enjoying a very sunny warm day outside the house now!

(* the front of the scarf is better looking than the back. still, the picture on LV website looks fresher)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

McQ Scarf & Clear lucite Necklace

Today is not like a typical winter day in New England- it's sunny and warm (around 54F degree!). We caught the last day of Nature and Science in Bloom exhibit in one of the kid's museums. Breathing fresh air and walking in the woods felt really good. I smelled Spring.

I was not sure what to wear for the activity just a few minutes before we left. I had a lot of outfits on my mind but at the end, i picked a pair of red shorts. hm, this was the last time i dressed up this red shorts though - a white graphic tee shirt will be her best friend in the future.

in the museum, i accessorized the outfit with an Alexander McQueen angel wing with skull chiffon scarf, and a pair of flat riding boots; at home, i experiment the basic outfit with a M Missoni vest and SW mary jane heels, my new buy, a clear lucite necklace was the finish touch.

*click on pictures for close-up

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Polka Dot Parade

...almost miss out a red polka dot top. *that was an old picture.

My fondness for polka dots has not faded as i am growing older... i just got two more polka dots this season. The beige/cream polka dots cardigan (by MBMJ) just arrived today, I ordered it from gilt yesterday! talk about fast shipping.

The thing is that i always find something wrong with my new buys. this time, i could not pretend i didn't see two small dark spots on the cardigan (not noticeable to most people, i am sure)... it took me quite a few minutes to take them off (almost completely gone). Ugh.... why o why aren't these new merchandise perfect in my eyes / under my inspection?

i decided to keep it because you dont get your money back from returning stuff to gilt. you get a credit back instead. and i hate the hassle. ...it is nearly perfect. so be it.

Tonight, NM is having The Fashion Rules Party. I got a gift card for clothing purchase. I've been to one before. cocktail, champagne, nice snacks, a lot of tall fashionable girls/models... I thought about going and take some pictures but could not make it. It is hard for me to go out in the evening by myself. i decide to stay home and soak in the lovely sounds of DS and DH playing and reading instead.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Floral Skirt

Floral skirt is one of the spot-ons this season. The skirt i wore today wasn't exactly a mini
(which is more in trend), but i am happy with the knee length- i dont have to worry expose too much when i sit down or bend forward. ...i do have some shorter floral skirts, i am waiting to wear them when it's not cold out.

Today is not warm enough for a tee shirt only. i had to add a black lace trim cardigan over the outfit for most of the time.

I am ready for Spring!

Robert Rodriguez silk floral skirt with pockets;
blush slub tee with a pocket and worn-out effect gold heart across;
YSL shoes;
Prada messenger bag;
Wolford panty hose.