Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mall Rat

Count me in, MadsaboutU. I am a huge mall rat. haha..

It rains very hard today. where to go in such a nasty rainy day? Mall - of course! garage to garage, we didn't get one drop of that rain.

we took some pictures of our today's outfits. DS checked his watch and said, 'hm, almost time for daddy to come home'.

(*last picture is for Claudia)


  1. The booties are stunning! you beat me to posting about nude fishnet stockings,haha.

    So does your DS actually know how to read time? my DD just likes looking at it move and when asked what time it is, she would say "fourteen years!"lol

  2. Cute booties! I like polka dot pieces too, but I often wrestle with finding the balance between too cute and too boring. You seemed to have done quite well pairing it with shorts and those booties. :D

  3. HI MadsaboutU,
    thanks. oh you like nude fishnet stocking too. i always remember the first time i was fascinated by it - a lady with her daughter in a grocery store in Japan. my husband's friend pointed it out for me to see. GOd knows why he liked those things, he is a father of 4 kids. but since then, i fell in love with it. Nude fishnet is much subtle than black. a great balance of sexy and ladylike.

    yes, my son knows how to read time, his watch is digital Lightening McQueen (from disney movie, Cars). very easy to read. Your DD is too cute...

    DS went to his Karate class yesterday after we came back from the mall.

  4. Thanks Betsy!
    Polka dot is like that. i love it but i dont go overboard. it is very easy to be too cute and too boring. I dont want to be too cute for sure, at my age and status(being a mom) especially, hehe..

  5. Cute booties, Julia! The purse is super cute too! Did you buy anything at the mall?

    Take care,

  6. thanks Maria! i did buy something at the mall. 3 tops for DS and 1 monster truck for DS.

    i have not made any new buys myself... wait, i got a night cream 2 days ago online. since it is free shipping, i just got it online since DS doesnt like going to mommy's stores.