Thursday, March 4, 2010

Polka Dot Parade

...almost miss out a red polka dot top. *that was an old picture.

My fondness for polka dots has not faded as i am growing older... i just got two more polka dots this season. The beige/cream polka dots cardigan (by MBMJ) just arrived today, I ordered it from gilt yesterday! talk about fast shipping.

The thing is that i always find something wrong with my new buys. this time, i could not pretend i didn't see two small dark spots on the cardigan (not noticeable to most people, i am sure)... it took me quite a few minutes to take them off (almost completely gone). Ugh.... why o why aren't these new merchandise perfect in my eyes / under my inspection?

i decided to keep it because you dont get your money back from returning stuff to gilt. you get a credit back instead. and i hate the hassle. is nearly perfect. so be it.

Tonight, NM is having The Fashion Rules Party. I got a gift card for clothing purchase. I've been to one before. cocktail, champagne, nice snacks, a lot of tall fashionable girls/models... I thought about going and take some pictures but could not make it. It is hard for me to go out in the evening by myself. i decide to stay home and soak in the lovely sounds of DS and DH playing and reading instead.


  1. Oh I like how the polka dots are very subdued, very grown up fashion indeed. some of them with ruffles I so adore! I love makes a top more interesting. Nice parade going on there :)

  2. Hi MadsaboutU,

    i just came back from your blog a minute ago.

    the vintage oxford shoes look like what Rachel got recently. they look like BV. for $25, you can't go wrong. i like the way you wore them with khaki and jacket. very appropriate/just right for the meeting you were going.

    you know, i am the photographer of the family too. so a lot of family pictures you dont see me in it because i am the one takes pictures.

    ruffles + polka dots = girlie. :)

    i can't resist the combination.

  3. I'm a polka dot fan too!
    I'm not sure if I am overaged for that...but I buy them nevertheless. =)

  4. Happy Weekend Dreamloft,
    i skipped a couple of years on polka dots. when i saw 3.1 Philip Lim's new collection this season, i got the itchy back. so i dosed on two pieces this year (navy blouse with ruffle front, and the new MBMJ cardi). i think i am going to stop right there though.

    i am going to check out what you got lately.

    have a good weekend!