Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Trip to LV Store

Thanks everyone for your inputs on the pale pink scarf. I decided to exchange it for something else in the store after a lot of thinking. Wasted no time, I went in yesterday afternoon as soon as we came back from a big buffet lunch with bunch friends after kids' pre school stuff. Time was tight but i went home first and got changed. I wanted to carry a LV bag and wear heels. the blue jersey Cynthia Steffe dress looked nice against sunset orange Vernis tote.

It turned out to be a very pleasant experience. the SA told me she totally understood i did not want the pink scarf. she said it was for someone with dark skin tone like she did. I would look washed out in it. Her beautiful smile and great patience won me over. after several attempts to different items, my eyes fixed on a Damier Ebene messenger (pictures below).
'OK, this one!', after i saw 'made in France' inside the bag, i made my decision.

it is a great bag, not only it is a lv messenger, it does have that 'zen' factor. i felt it right away when i put it on.

A happy ending after all... maybe not to my wallet, as it is a accidental purchase. but hey, better than losing in stock market - according to some statement i got today, i lost a bag in one month!


  1. Great bag, Julia! I'm so glad that you exchanged the scarf for something you love. LV is one brand that I have not yet ventured into. I was thinking about a pair of sunglasses for my first purchase.

  2. good evening Maria,

    thank you for your 'yuck'. hehe... it woke my senses up. yes, like the SA in LV store said, i should get something that i will use. the scarf is beautiful, there is nothing wrong with it. but i had feeling that it would become one of those things sleeping on my shelves.

    i think lv sunglasses quality are a lot better than chanel ones. it will be a good purchase. :)

  3. LOL, I'm so glad I didn't hurt your feelings! Sometimes I say things without thinking first.

    I love my black Chanel sunglasses but I need a pair of brown ones so I will definitely take a look at LV.

    Have a great night!

    Take care,

  4. Happy Friday Maria,

    of course not. i dont know how you could ever hurt anybody, you are such a sweet person.

    i wish i could just get any sunglasses i like. my sunglasses are all prescription ones. my choice of sunglasses are limited from my eye doctors catalogues. one time, i saw a place in the mall offered a couple of chanel sunglasses for prescription sunglasses, i did not get to looking into it because my son was in a really bad mood that day...later the store was closed down.

    have a great weekend!

  5. Love this bag, Juia! Looks functional and feminine with the soft pleat details. I also love the red interior in the LV damier line. Simple & elegant. I'm happy for you =)

    I've been planning (for so long) to buy a LV speedy bag and now you are motivating me even more to get it before summer. I'm thinking to buy the damier azur...but not sure which size 25 or 30?? I'm leaning more towards the 25.

    Hope you are having a great Sunday.

  6. Great happy ending with the LV purchase! The LV bag will definitely be a beautiful yet practical bag for daily use. These days, I'm trying to stay with items that will get more use than closet time too.

    Hope all is well!!

  7. Hi Claudia,

    thank you, i feel much better with this choice over the pale pink shawl. yes, it is a user friendly and good looking bag.

    Damier Azur is a beautiful summer color. they have all kinds of styles on the display. i think speedy is a good choice. it is very roomy and practical. plus, Boston style bag is very popular this season. i have one by Fendi.

    I would get size 25.

    we will be busy with a up coming wedding. i will have some fun pictures to share later. see you later. xoxo-julia

  8. HI Betsy,

    Good to see you.

    same here, i try to get things that more compatible with my life style now. i start to think it is foolish to become a collector of bags or things like that. because they are supposed to be used. they dont have any values if they dont get used. because new styles and designs come out very season. what's classic? can we count on a few classic bags and not getting new bags? obviously impossible. haha... bags, shoes... they are things of the moment.

  9. hey Julia, you left a comment in my blog on the LV shawl? Sorry for missing in action..been kinda busy. But I'd be (rather) free for the next few months I suppose. ;p

    Anyway, been regularly reading your blog and others..just kinda busy to comment.

    I saw this LV messenger bag (bloomsbury or something?) and was rather keen too! (strange why I am always eyeing the same item you have.. like that blue Prada you got recently. I swear I am not a copycat. LOL).

    Might or might not get it. Intend to use it for a trip (not confirmed yet). The base is rather flat right? So I suppose can't really stuff say a mineral water bottle inside? Or if you could, the bag would bulge?