Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Floral Skirt

Floral skirt is one of the spot-ons this season. The skirt i wore today wasn't exactly a mini
(which is more in trend), but i am happy with the knee length- i dont have to worry expose too much when i sit down or bend forward. ...i do have some shorter floral skirts, i am waiting to wear them when it's not cold out.

Today is not warm enough for a tee shirt only. i had to add a black lace trim cardigan over the outfit for most of the time.

I am ready for Spring!

Robert Rodriguez silk floral skirt with pockets;
blush slub tee with a pocket and worn-out effect gold heart across;
YSL shoes;
Prada messenger bag;
Wolford panty hose.


  1. That skirt is so pretty n' love to see it again!!

    I don't know if I am ready for Spring.....yet, ha~

    I think the length is great for that pattern, it won't be so elegant if it is a mini!! :)

  2. thanks Rachel,
    i will definitely wear this skirt again. it is darker shade of blue in person than the pictures. from last year RR winter collection. you are right the skirt looks elegant at knee length.

    i wonder if you have winter like East Coast there? i love West Coast weather. never too cold, never too hot. We don't have real cold winter, but it is for sure much colder than your area. today is another snowy day...

  3. I like that you wore a messenger bag with a skirt, it looks effortless but still elegant!
    You look great!

  4. good evening MadsaboutU,
    thank you for your sweet comment. :) the ideas of tee shirt and messenger bag are to tune down the fancy skirt. i am very into tee shirt now. any looks that are comfortable yet chic will catch my eyes these days.

  5. Hi Julia, I like the above combi alot. Even the necklace is nice. Stamped and approved! *wink* ;p

  6. thanks Dreamloft!

    i am so glad you like the combo- yay!