Friday, July 31, 2009

NM mid-day Dash

I have been receiving emails about this NM Dash thing, and one day last week, I happened to be there (in front of the computer around 12:00pm), and scored a couple of things before it's ended.
They showed up yesterday - what a disappointment! I realized this Dash thing is a way of getting rid of NM's non-popular stock.
*oh,btw, what i got from NM Dash were: a LaRok long sleeve top, and a Majorica pendant necklace. I did not take pictures for them because i did not like them.

Today is a raining day. After DS and I had one of our cars checked this morning, we headed to the mall. I am glad I returned the stuff to NM so quickly, which means i will be getting my money back sooner. And of course, i bought some new stuff while i was in the mall.

here are the stuff i got today:

the first one is Ali Ro chiffon silk cami. it is such a gorgeous piece. I noticed this brand this year, I think very highly of their design and quality.

the second group is CavinKlein;

the last group is Marc By Marc Jacob.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Style Weekly

Today is Wednesday, so we did our routine and went to ECO for DS' pre-school program.

this time, they told a story about caterpillars. a few different kinds of caterpillars were showed after story, including a form of new-born, and a big African caterpillar. DS always fascinated about these African caterpillars living in a case of the museum, today he finally got to look at it very closely.

the picture of DS was thrilled by the things he stacked together in Eco Museum. :))

**This outfit worn by Jessica Biel was highly rated by stylists. It was published on several places.

I love it too. I even ordered an identical thunder blue cami in order to copy this ensemble. It's back ordered and will be shipped to me no later than 8/11. At the same time, I ordered the white one of the same style. It is a great piece for creating an effortless comfortable chic look.

I have the same color skirt in my closet. Here is a picture of me in this skirt last summer. Biel was carrying a denim Prada tote in the picture. I dont have denim tote, but i have a denim shoulder bag. I am thinking about using my Tod's tote though, which has the same casual vibe as this Prada tote. Now to the statement necklace... I have some necklaces from my current collection that i think i can create/make something alike. hmm.. sounds like a fun project to me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

2 more DVF dresses

Betsy has asked me about my new DVF wrap dress.
I really like the first one, a wrap dress. I will take a mod pic for it soon.
not sure about the last dress, it is a new line of St. John- SoCa. It's supposed to reflect south California style. hm, definitely very colorful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Qipao Party

I received an invitation through Facebook to a Qipao Party in Guangzhou, China.

My girlfriend's husband, David has coolest parties. last time was a Hat Party. all the things i love...yet i could not attend. It's like a thirty person staring at a picture of watermelon.

I have about 8 Qipao in my closet now. If I had not moved to the States, I probably would have a big Qipao collection. I just love them.

**click on the pictures for details.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A day in Davis Farmland

DS had a great time in the Farmland. there were so many fun things to do. We even had a ride on a farm tractor trailer while sitting on hays.

Splashing pad was also very popular. DS was in his blue bathing suit. After a busy fun day, he crashed on the couch. :))

**i know, this outfit is not my usual stuff.. DH suggested it - we were going to a farm land after all.

I was wearing a sun-kissed make-up.
YSL bronze blush, bronze eye shadow;
La Prairie foundation;
Guerlain powder pearls;
Chanel lip gloss

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fashion do or don't

9 years ago, JLo made an entrance in a green, sheer, barely-there Versace gown with her then-boyfriend, P.Diddy.

I wonder this Korean actress was thinking JLo's famous green Versace when she wore this sheer burgundy 'dress' on the Korean red carpet.

there is a major difference though- JLo did not show her underwear in that green gown, while this Korean actress showing her big white underwear and bra strap like no one else's business! lol

on the side note, i found a piece of nightgown in my bedroom looks like her dress. (picture on the bottom) hehe..

outfit for watching Beijing Opera

Another rainy day... we went to Noddle Noggin Bean Town, a indoor playground today to meet ds' buddy. I was glad to watch the bond they have made towards each other.

later of the day, we run out for a quick grocery shopping trip while dh was in the gym. - damn! almost a day without any spending! almost...

dh loves science stuff, so one of his favorite channels is "History'. right now is a show about 'mankind going to the moon'. it's so extraordinary. i had goosebumps when i was watching it.

a couple of years ago, ds made his very first trip to Beijing, China. We also brought dh's brother with us on that trip. We did a lot of fun things while we were there. I bought some jade and gold jewelry. and some clothes...

one of the nights, we went to see famous Beijing Opera in a 5 star hotel. we shared a booth with 2 girls from Los Angeles... anyways, this is what i wore that night. instead of sunglasses, i was wearing a watery deep green jade Buddha necklace i just bought in the morning, it stood out very nicely against black dress...

oh, btw, animal prints is in trend again this season!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mod pic of Alberta Ferretti dress

This morning, while ds was having his Tumbleweeds class, i went for a body sculpt class. it was a little too much for me, I felt sore after the class.

I took a picture for my new Alberta Ferretti dress. but i did not really wear the outfit when we were out since my son was just playing with his playdate. i was chatting with other moms in a very casual environment. actually as i remembered now, i wore my gym outfit most of the day. haha..

the mommy i talked to will move to her bigger house in September. they took the chance of low real estate market and bought a twice bigger house. at the same time, she worries and talks about all the extra expenses.

i am content with what we live in now. instead of pouring a lot of cash to a huge house, i am more interested in making travel plans.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures from magazine

Carmeron Diaz has the widest grin; she also has my dream shoes.
(click pictures to see details of the shoes)

hopefully her dainty shoes bring her some good luck in the relationship department.
* just read about her recent heartbreak with a Maroon 5 singer.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outfit for shopping appliances

per my husband, shopping on Saturday is a waste of a beautiful day. Today's weather report said it would rain(..till now it has not rain!), so my husband decided we should go shop around for kitchen appliances. we want to update the rest of the appliances to stainless steel. they go better with the wall color my husband just painted in the kitchen.

before we got out of the door, we told each other that we were just going to shop around and collect information this trip. But as it turned out, bang! as always, without exception this time, we went ahead and made purchases at the second store we visited.

it seems our life is just filled with too much shopping. it makes us feel unease sometimes...

although, the result of shopping is so delightful. looking at the expression on my son's face when his daddy putting together a remote Porsche car toy I bought him yesterday... that moment was priceless. even it was with a price tag.

my outfit of the day was about a tailor made silk blouse.
shoes: Fendi;
bag: Giuseppe Zanotti
city shorts: TB;

*click on the picture to see the details of the accessories and the blouse.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday's outfit

I asked my husband about this outfit, he said he liked it a lot. I wanted to know why. he said, it's country style. ? ? kept asking, he was finally squeezed out another sentence, it's less intimidate... - that's it? grr..

here is a couple of pictures of the outfit:
i wore the hat when we went outside to the woods, playground, chuchu train..animal watching.

these new snakeskin Prada sandals make nice color contrast together - gold and silver.

** click on the pictures for original size.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fun Day in Ecotarium Museum

Today I planned to go to NM to pick up a pre-sold DVF wrap dress. By the time we came back from Eco Museum for a late lunch at home, cleaned up and had naps, it was too late to go out again. i also planned to take a mod pic for the outfit i wore today (must do it tomorrow). i think guys liked this outfit ... it was very 60s.

we have joined this pre-school program for about a year, i never took pictures. today i finally did it.

picture 1:
kids were listening to a story about owl. after the story, the teacher showed a real life owl and taught kids some factors about owl. I learned something new too.

picture 2:
DS was with his buddy by a little pond looking at fish, turtles, and shrimp - i think the pond is for the two otters they have on the corner. the lady in the picture is ds' friend's mom. she is the same age as i am.

picture 3:
aww, this is one of my favorites. it makes me laugh every time i see it.
the exact same time last year, ds was 1 year 7 month old then. it feels like yesterday. they say, when you have a child, the day goes by slow; and the year goes by fast.

in that picture, ds (in no clothes but his diaper, lol) put on one of my shoes and stood in front of mirror, and mimic what i was doing. -he is always a funny and happy baby. he has the most amazing smile.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just another day...

My job is to make sure this boy enjoys his little beautiful life.

it was a good day in general. there were a couple of things went wrong like most of the time. this time my son fell down and bled on his knee again. it ruined the rest of the pool day of course...

since i had given birth to my son, i dont feel comfortable to wear just bikini any more. luckily, there is such a thing called swim skirt. voila - my life saver. I went online and bought a couple tonight.

problem and resolution exist at the same time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

pictures from Life&Style Mag.

I used to read Asian fashion magazine such as Cancan (Cam-cam?) and Ray-Li . Now I read Life&Style, People, Vogue, Glamor and W.

from recent Life Style mag, these two pictures left me with some thoughts.

Picture on left:
Eva Longoria in neutral jumpsuit, Louboutin platform, and A fuchsia croc Birkin
what a perfect ensemble, Bravo!!

picture on right:
ok, i know this type outfit is very popular these days. but i feel the acid ripped jeans Ashley Tisdale had on is too much. it's ugly, period.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

other things I love

my TPF friend, Ri, asked about my gardening. it is doing very well, my husband takes great care of our outdoor flowers/veggie and i take care of our indoor plants.

at the moment, our long stem roses are blooming;
the grape tomatoes my husband planted for my son is thriving, my son will be able to pick little sweet tomatoes off them very soon;
one of my indoor plants is enjoying her new spot in the house, a sunny place by the window on 3rd floor.

Rachel's red dress outfit

I have known Rachel from TPF for over a year now. We hit off because we have a lot in common.

When I read about her journey/story moving to States, it was like reading my own. I live in NorthEast, Boston. and she lives in SoCa, a rich little town, Cupertino, where almost 40% of population are Asian.

We have different styles when it comes to fashion. I am leaning to be a classic dresser, she is about taking risk. I love to be surprised by her new pictures, it is just so much fun to look at.

I think we share some same readers. to answer Rachel's question about what hat i think is better for her red dress outfit, i need to use some pictures. so i post my reply here instead, i know she will see this.

no doubt, it is a great outfit and Rachel pulled it off because she is tall and slim and pretty :) however, in my book, the accessories for this outfit were a little off.

The outfit has this Bohemian, Gypsy vibes going on. as Rachel said, it's supposed to be sporty.
a white Chanel 255 flap is very glamor and dressy in my book; the pink baseball hat does not go with the outfit- i think a straw fedora hat or a headscarf (see pictures below: the hat is my husband's ) would be a better option.

i like Rachel's black sneakers. but a pair of flat sandals are as comfortable but chic-er.

what do you think, Rachel?

Boston Tall Ship festival

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in the city. we watched a live music performance at the corner of the Tall Ship Festival. after that, we sat and ate and people-watched by the harbor where Tall Ships parked.

this festival lasts for a few days, i suggest people around the area make a trip there, it is a lot of people and a lot of fun. unless you really dont care for ocean and boats. my husband is very into boat stuff.

since there is a lot of walking involved this type of activities, i dressed in casual:

shoes: Gucci sneaker
bag: shanghaitang messenger
top: MBMJ
Capri/Bermuda: MBMJ
Hat: Eric J

** click on the pictures to see original size for details.