Monday, July 20, 2009

Mod pic of Alberta Ferretti dress

This morning, while ds was having his Tumbleweeds class, i went for a body sculpt class. it was a little too much for me, I felt sore after the class.

I took a picture for my new Alberta Ferretti dress. but i did not really wear the outfit when we were out since my son was just playing with his playdate. i was chatting with other moms in a very casual environment. actually as i remembered now, i wore my gym outfit most of the day. haha..

the mommy i talked to will move to her bigger house in September. they took the chance of low real estate market and bought a twice bigger house. at the same time, she worries and talks about all the extra expenses.

i am content with what we live in now. instead of pouring a lot of cash to a huge house, i am more interested in making travel plans.


  1. can you believe this Jimmy Choo wedge is only $156?

  2. Hi Julia ! I love your AF dress very, very much; need not to say extra words that you looked very pretty in this one too !

    Hope to have more time chatting with you!