Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday's outfit

I asked my husband about this outfit, he said he liked it a lot. I wanted to know why. he said, it's country style. ? ? kept asking, he was finally squeezed out another sentence, it's less intimidate... - that's it? grr..

here is a couple of pictures of the outfit:
i wore the hat when we went outside to the woods, playground, chuchu train..animal watching.

these new snakeskin Prada sandals make nice color contrast together - gold and silver.

** click on the pictures for original size.


  1. I really like the shoes but I'm always wondering if the ankle strap type shoe would look good on my legs. These seem to work well for long leg beauties like you and Rachel. :)

  2. I like the gold a lot, especially the crossed strap n' heels....oh, Betsy, thank you, dear. know, you can try a wider/soft colored strap to avoid cut off. Like this gold one might work on you too.

    Julia: you know, somehow, DH always like their wives dress casual, but they like to see other women dress "sexy" is a very interesting mentality. :) My DH used to think I over dressed EVERYday...but after we went to Paris, he really start to appreciate "fashion" or "beauty" or just "the effort" whichever applied to him. haha..... Still, he prefer me dress "simple" elegant but I am not dressing up just for him but for myself too. hee..

  3. Thank you Betsy for your sweet comment!

    you are right about the ankle style shoes. i have noticed my ankle booties and ankle strappy shoes make my legs look shorter. but one thing is good about ankle style is that they stay on the feet nicely. no slip off the heels. and they are trendy. :D

  4. yes, Rachel was right. these good Prada sandals will look good on Betsy. they are very flattery shoes. yet comfortable as they are low heels. with good design of strappy. i found these in barneys new york.

    Rachel, you are right on! my dh is the same way, he prefers me to dress down, but he pays attention to women who dress sexy! isn't it interesting?

    maybe we should make a trip to Paris... it is weird that my husband would rather choose to go to Asia over going to Europe.

    his family/ancestors were from France. not sure this have anything to do with it.

    nowadays, women dress to please themselves most of the time. especially married women with or without kids.

  5. a typo in above post: gold sandals, instead of 'good sandals'

  6. Hi Julia, LOL about your DH's comments! My DH likes me to dress simple/casual too without any make-ups. He said that's my "natural beauty"....sigh. (Yeah right! With my dark circles under the eyes!!) The only blessing is that he doesn't pay attention to women who dress sexy. Instead, my eyes are very "sharp" when I see sexy women coz I'm instantly attracted. And I have to tell my DH where to spot the woman! He's always so "numb" on these. But when he sees a Chanel bag on a person, he will squeeze my elbow and tell me to take a look at the bag. Haha...I think I've trained him well! LOL!!

    I agree with Rachel, Paris is a good "eye opener" for guys! They will learn to appreciate fashion!

    Oh...I thought your husband is AMerican, so he's French? Do you and him speak French? I love this language very much! It's my fave language after Mandarin.

    About your ODJ, I like the refreshing color of your white blouse and your coral-pinkish shorts. And you have quite a nice hat collection too!

    And the shoes, I also like the gold one better. Hehe...I'm a "gold" person...can't help it. Love the "triangular" heels! Is it on sale at Barney's now? Or full price? Great buys!

    Have a nice weekend!


  7. Mia, your husband gotta be the best kind out there. for all the things he does for you, and his devotion... you are one lucky lady.

    me too, have a good eye for stylish pretty women around me.

    my husband is American. his great-grandparents were from France. we dont speak French. my husband can understand/speak a lot of chinese, and Spanish.

    i have a lot of hats. i need to take a group picture one of the days...

    i like Gold more myself. i bought that gold snakeskin sandals last week. the org. price was 895. i bought them at 349 plus tax, from barney new york.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend