Wednesday, July 8, 2009

every Wednesday

We love Wednesday: it is one day I dont need to search for a fun and educational activity for my son, it repeats every week; my son loves it the way mouse loves rice. :)

They have an hour of preschool program, and after that, my son gets to play with his friends in a big and nice Museum that full of cool stuff, animals, science teaching grounds indoor and outdoor, chuchu train, sand name it.

Today we had a great day there again, except he got his knee bleed a little... a strong and careless girl knocked him out. poor thing.

lately i have been noticing some fashionable people, and some good looking people (the two traits are not necessarily combined :) in that place. i even spotted a lady in her Chanel tote today.

more and more people go to that place now. a couple of months ago, just about 1/3 of people there were Chinese/asian moms and their kids. Asian in this country are very devoted to their kids' development and education. it shows in so many ways.

today. I wore my Emilio Pucci top + Paige capri jeans, Gucci snakeskin slides bought in May/June, and white shanghaitang messenger bag.

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