Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boston Tall Ship festival

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in the city. we watched a live music performance at the corner of the Tall Ship Festival. after that, we sat and ate and people-watched by the harbor where Tall Ships parked.

this festival lasts for a few days, i suggest people around the area make a trip there, it is a lot of people and a lot of fun. unless you really dont care for ocean and boats. my husband is very into boat stuff.

since there is a lot of walking involved this type of activities, i dressed in casual:

shoes: Gucci sneaker
bag: shanghaitang messenger
top: MBMJ
Capri/Bermuda: MBMJ
Hat: Eric J

** click on the pictures to see original size for details.


  1. Oh, I LURRVE the T on you. It is very casual sexy and I can see it goes w/ not just jeans to your "million" skirts!! yes, Julia, I think you are the only girl has THAT many skirts. haha.....

    Your son is so cute...but I can't see you in him just yet!! haha...(hope I didn't offend you.) :P

  2. you have such a good memory. i did post a lot of skirts mod pics before... i have stopped buying skirt since May. a pair of jeans capri are more useful.

    my son looks just like my husband. we think he got my chain. my brother's daughter looks like me though.

    i hope to see more of me in my son later.

  3. a typo in my post above: chin, not chain. lol.

  4. Hi Julia! Sorry for not stopping by your blog sooner. How much did i miss? update your blog everyday! Amazing! You are doing so great!

    Anyway, just want to tell you that your son is soooooooooooo HANDSOME!! I think he must be a "star" in his school! No?

    And I am loving your colorful top. The print reminds me of something from Missoni. Your hat is gorgy too! You look so Japanese here...hehehe.

    I so envy you gals in the US with so many child friendly places to go to during the weekend. Here in our place, it's so limited. You know how small and crowded is Hong Kong.....

    Take care!


  5. Hi Mia,

    thank you for dropping by.

    oh i knew you would like that colorful top. :) it is a cute top. i like MBMJ fun tops, i got a few this year. they all turned out to be good choice. they are for sure overpriced for a graphite T or jersey top...but i guess we pay for their designs.

    if you are interested, this top can be found in and

    we have a lot of kids play activities/program/facility in this country (for free!).

    they say, America is the heaven for kids and women. it is very true.

    i know HK well. but i love a lot of things about the city. one thing i noticed is the air quality... it's not good for kids.

    i can see from my blog if you make any updates to your blog.

    see you around

  6. oh thank you so much for your compliment to my son. he is a cutie, not only because i am his mom. we are very lucky to have him.

    he is still too young to go to school yet. I sure hope he will be popular when he goes to school. it is good for his self-esteem.