Friday, July 3, 2009

I thought I should write an episode to thank Rachel, Betsy, Mia and Eve-eve for being my first readers. It is nice to stay in contact with the circle of friends and exchange information (shopping, fashion, fun activities, family and friends). I visit Rachel's blog often. Knowing her stuff makes me feel like a close friend of hers.

another good thing about having my own place is, I can talk more freely here. so, be prepared, a real Julia is about to be exposed. hehe...

I am not feeling very pretty lately. I got a big pimple in the middle of my face.

I just had my long curly hair cut to shoulder length. for a couple of minutes, i doubted if i had made a mistake to let those cute curlies go... but i really like the convenience of having shorter hair. I don't know about you girls, when i look at long dark hair all over on my floors, it bothers me a lot. not mention it is very time consuming to wash and care the long curly hair every day.

I agree with you guys about TPF. i am a bit of sick of chanel forum, the place we found each other. I went there yesterday, which was my first visit in a month. Mommy thread is still going on, things has not changed much.

after a slow morning, we finally decide we should go to the pool today. Ideally, we should be on the beach and my son play on the sand. my husband shot my idea down. his reason is, 1. the traffic to the beach would be awful; 2. the beach would be like a zoo.

the last thing i want to talk about before i get off and join my boys in the pool is my new shanghaitang bag.

I have been collecting shanghaitang bags. I feel i get a good value buying their bags. the quality is very good; the look is unique in a pretty way; the price is reasonable, and they have two sales a year. On the other end, i am very aware of my chanel bags are way over priced for what they worth. oh well... nice to own some chanel classics. just for the sake of owning them.

Mia, the bag i just got is pebble grain cow leather, not lamb skin.

It is very soft, perfect for carrying on the shoulder and cross body because it comes with leather braided should strap and shanghaitang metal flower deco messenger strap. there are enough
pockets inside the bag, the blue silk lining is the same kind material as my chanel pst and ptt. everything about this bag is perfection. they even put two clear plastic caps on the magnet closures as protection ( i removed them bebore use the bag). Oh yeah, detail tells all.

**picture on the left: two HK socialite. Mia probably knows who they are. I know some older HK socialites. these two are new to me.

I love their looks! head to toe flawless. very impressive.

I got two black dress in June. I hope i will be able to post mod pic soon.


  1. Hi Julia! Thanks for the details of your new Shanghai Tang bags. I didn't know that their bags have such unique bags. Next time I pass by Shanghai Tang here, I will take a look. I am always very attracted to the smell of Shanghai Tang boutiques. The boutique always smell so good! The other boutique which smells good is Chloe. Love the Chloe perfume very much!

    Oh about the 2 new socialite you mentioned, they are not really socialites. They are singers. One is 泳兒 who is from Singapore/Malaysia (can't remember exactly) but her career as a singer is here in HK. The other taller one is 薛凯琪 who is also another singer from Hong Kong. She's a bit of an ABC (American born Chinese) and speaks perfect English. Black is always so hot here in HK. Everybody here loves black...don't know why.

    Haha...I hear you. I look forward to the real Julia! LOL!! It's so nice to say things freely in your own blog, and no Mods here to stop you or close threads. Hahahahaha!

    Oh about posting larger pix, are you using the attachment feature of the direct image URL feature? I think there's an option to choose what size of image you want to post. Can you find it?

    I am new to using these blog features too. I am trying to type words following a picture, but the picture shows up at the top always....haha! We need a computer geek here! Anyone?

    Oh BTW, is that your new hairstyle in your avatar? You look very fresh and chic in that short hair style. I would love to cut my hair short too, but since I have BIG FACE, short hair doens't really compliment me. But your face is 瓜子臉, so short hair is perfect for you. No regrets.


  2. Thank you Mia for such nice comment. I always enjoy reading your writings. You are observant and smart. do you sometimes feel wasted to be a full time mom? sometimes i feel bored to be a full time mom. I learned to fully enjoy my time with my son.

    I love Chloe perfume. I have a bottle of their best seller. I also use a Gucci Flora perfume. you got to give it a try. very nice indeed. better than No.5 imo.

    so you started to feed your blog too? please give me the link when you r ready. i am sure we have to play around for a while to get a handle of it since we are new users. but it is nice to have one. a good way to stay in contact with friends and share things and thoughts.

    I did use the large picture option but pictures came out re-sized to fit the page automatically. It seems Rachel is a expert on that now. her pictures are big and clear.:D

    I love black dress, but i also love colors. I think black makes asian girls with pale skin tone look stylish. it is a fool proof color. but sometimes, it's too safe and turns out to be boring.

    yup! no mods tells me what i can't say. nobody lectures me if i say something 'improper'. it feels good to say what's on my mind!

    yes, it is my new hair do. thank you! sweet.
    I like you in your long hair. it is a good style on you. You can try to curl them at the bottom - that is always a good trick to look pretty and feminine. :)

    isn't that weird? everyone (maybe except Zhang ziyi, her face is truly very tiny) complains their face is big. i think my face is big too! i remember Rachel said she thought her face was big...

    enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    please let me know what you and your family do for fun in HK.


  3. Hi Julia,

    Haha...well, I used to work my axx off when I was still with IBM. I am in sales and marketing and my clients are government institutions to whom I sell Information Technology solutions (be it hardware, software or services). Well, it's a totally different lifestyle back then. I have lots of meetings, travel around, and work late hours and sometimes have sleepless nights because of bidding a government tender. I enjoyed every moment of my success during that time, and I must admit that since I quit my work, I feel that my life is like a blank paper. The change is too drastic. However, as I learn to be a full-time mom and spend time with Mason, I see the beauty and hardwork of motherhood. It's even harder than my previous job. And seeing Mason grow up each day learning new things just makes my life even more complete and meaningful. There are times when I get bored (that's why there's tPF and online shopping..LOL), but I slowly get over it. Actually, I have no more time to get bored as Mason is attending all sorts of classes everyday which require my company. So, that's my life as a full-time mom.

    Speaking of perfume, I love collecting them too! I haven't tried Gucci Flora. I'll take a look at it when I visit the dept store next week. Is it floral or fruity smell? I love Chloe perfume..hehe. It's just so sweet and fresh at the same time. Nice choice! Another perfume I like is named "Tiempe Passate" from Antonia' Flowers. It's such a special fragrance with woody scent. You can try it next time.

    Hey, here's my blog:

    Oh...I like black colors too, but I usually spice it up with colorful or chunky accessories. I can't do plain black. Hehehe.

    As for family activities, we usually go to the park, the pool or go to friend's house with Mason. We also go to our in-laws for dinner during weekends. Well, HK doesn't have that many outdoor places to go to, so our choices are really limited. When Mason is older, we hope to bring him to Australia to see those nice farms there. And of course, the US too to visit all the great places. How about you?

    Enjoy your weekend too! Take care!


    P.S. Thanks for your compliments. I'll try curly long hair next time then...hehe. Hope it will look good on me. I'll try it at the end of the year near Xmas. :D

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