Sunday, July 5, 2009

fashion victim of the moment

you got to enlarge this picture and read the comments to these two outfits.
so funny that I laughed my tears out!


  1. hi, Julia: I am going out in a bit to shop for after school program for my son then I saw your comment. Here I am. Yes....Oh, yes..the outfit. Well, I think both outfit themselves are not so bad but it is the way they can't pull of the look. As for Fergie, I think she is pretty but never seem to have a connection about her "taste". Never!!! Her fashion sense is probably not as good as her music. :P

  2. hi julia! you're absolutely right.. some people really think they look good on a certain outfit but in the eyes of others they look awful.. fashion victim! hehehe.. i prefer the classic look, just like the way you dress.. ;-)

  3. Hi R.,
    oh i think both outfits are silly. come on, you would not want to dress that?

    Yeah i agree, i saw Fergie had fashion faux pas a few times on magazines. her face is so big. but she has a toned body. and you know what she is such a lucky duck - she married to a very cute guy. i have no that happened.

    Eve sweetie,

    some celebs are over confident sometimes...

    classic look is always a safe bet.

  4. Oh how I love.. love this song by Fergie "Big girls don't cry" but this style makes me cry...;-)

  5. i have to listen to 'big girls dont cry'. i like some of songs when she was with 'black eye pea'. it seems she is back to 'black eye pea' these days?

  6. Julia, oh lala I'm done with work for the day. Here I found the youtube video song for you:

    Hope u like it!!!

  7. thanks for the song. that's a nice MV.
    images were stretched horizontally... she looked nice in red. the cute guy in the MV is the one from TV show Hero. Her real life man is Josh, the guy from tv show Las Vegas. lucky duck.

    oh, she started a shoe line of her own.

  8. oh i meant vertically, which made people in the MV looked taller and leaner.

  9. yeah, i remember seeing their wedding photos at a magazine. Did she got married at the begining of this year? In the same you like Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)? I love her music a lot and her style is pretty unique (love it too)!!!

  10. yes i think so, newly wed.

    i like Gwen's music better. i dont like her fashion line, Lambs. the quality is not good enough for me.

    she got a quirky style. it fits her rock star status. i love the one shoulder leopard chiffon empire waist dress when she was pregnant with her second son. - it turns out one shoulder dress is such a big hit this season. it looks like going to the next season too. only shoulder piece i have is a knit sequin top.