Sunday, July 12, 2009

other things I love

my TPF friend, Ri, asked about my gardening. it is doing very well, my husband takes great care of our outdoor flowers/veggie and i take care of our indoor plants.

at the moment, our long stem roses are blooming;
the grape tomatoes my husband planted for my son is thriving, my son will be able to pick little sweet tomatoes off them very soon;
one of my indoor plants is enjoying her new spot in the house, a sunny place by the window on 3rd floor.


  1. Hi Julia! I saw your comment on Mai Tai´s site and took a visit on your ´s. What a charming blog you have! And my, you look so sweet and adorable. I´m wishing you all the best !

  2. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment!

    I love reading Maitai's blog now and then. she is such a wonderful influence.

    best wishes to you too!


  3. Nice blog, Julia! Love how your garden is beautifying nicely in summer! Keep it up ;)

    PS: What's MaiTai's blog address? Love her style too!

    Love, Adeliet

  4. HI good to see you here, Adeliet.

    gardening is nice but involve a lot of work. there is always something. lately, my husband and my son found bunch bugs/worms eating our plants/flowers.

    MaiTai's blog is

    you got a very nice blog going on too!


  5. wow! you have a very nice garden. I have roses in my garden too but they are suffering now from the heat. Hope to see more pictures of your garden in the future.

  6. thank you Claudia! it is not very big garden though, so we still can do everything ourselves.

    i will definitely post more pictures of our little garden. :)

    have a productive week!

  7. gorgeous flowers! i'm a big fan of hydrangeas and we've got some pink ones at home too. summer is such a nice season because of the blooms. :)

  8. Hi Betsy,

    summer is my favorite. a lot of fun things to do. beautiful flowers are one of things put us in a good mood for the day...