Tuesday, July 21, 2009

outfit for watching Beijing Opera

Another rainy day... we went to Noddle Noggin Bean Town, a indoor playground today to meet ds' buddy. I was glad to watch the bond they have made towards each other.

later of the day, we run out for a quick grocery shopping trip while dh was in the gym. - damn! almost a day without any spending! almost...

dh loves science stuff, so one of his favorite channels is "History'. right now is a show about 'mankind going to the moon'. it's so extraordinary. i had goosebumps when i was watching it.

a couple of years ago, ds made his very first trip to Beijing, China. We also brought dh's brother with us on that trip. We did a lot of fun things while we were there. I bought some jade and gold jewelry. and some clothes...

one of the nights, we went to see famous Beijing Opera in a 5 star hotel. we shared a booth with 2 girls from Los Angeles... anyways, this is what i wore that night. instead of sunglasses, i was wearing a watery deep green jade Buddha necklace i just bought in the morning, it stood out very nicely against black dress...

oh, btw, animal prints is in trend again this season!


  1. I'm a fan of the animal prints, but so far, I've only got a LV-inspired scarf and a pair of Lanvin flats with animal prints. Rachel's Lanvin leopard print Happy PM bag is yummy but I haven't seen it lately though. Your MB peep toes are going to work with many outfits. Great buy!

    I can't see your jade necklace... I'm sure it's pretty though.

  2. HI Betsty,

    thank you for visiting and commenting.

    i remember your lv-inspired scarf. you had a mod pic before. it is a great piece. i have a couple of animal prints scarf too. animal prints, especially leopard prints, has been a classic pattern i think.

    Rachel's leopard happy sac is very cute. she wears it in colder days? i have leopard print bags too... have to post pic some day.

    oh in that picture, i did not wear my jade necklace. i wore it with the outfit when i went for Beijing Opera 2 years ago with my dh and brother in law.

    green jewelery got popular since Angelina Jolie wore a pair of green earrings with her black sculpted dress last Oscars.

  3. Oh, Julia: I like your elegant look very much as you knew already. :) Yes, the animal print is so hot this year...I think I should add more animal print stuff to my wardrobe too. haha...

  4. Rachel, you have just the right attitude to pull off animal prints.