Thursday, July 2, 2009

some new clothes bought this week. I wore it with a Diesel Capri, and Pollini gold sandal to Eco Museum for my son's pre school program. The Chinese mommies i see every Wed. told me i looked stylish and energetic.

oh, i carried my Gucci tattoo tote. i was happy with the outfit that day.

My new Stella McCartney underwear. very cute very comfortable!

i will skip the detail pictures for that.

3 new tops (Laf48, MBMJ, and RL). good for a casual outing with my son. also can be stylish if i find the right pieces for them.


  1. OK, girl: I have a hard time reading simplified Chinese...haha...I have to guess what it says. :P Or just by the "layout" since it is same as my Chinese blog. haha..

    You know what, I don't think Jacket makes you look "serious", on the contrary, it means "sophisticated" to me. They are different, right!!?

    The first shirt is so much alike "UGBY" collection, you know, the Brit. high school uniform. No wonder your friends will think you look so energetic!!! haha.........

  2. i have no idea why it sets as simplified chinese. and i tried to change but failed. i can read both simplified and traditional chinese. i was taught traditional chinese when i was a child.

    i love jackets. i will wear them often later, when my son becomes more self-sufficient. if people (including my friends and family) think a full time mommy can't wear jackets, so be it. hah!

    the orange T shirt is Ralphlauren Blue label. it is a different branch from Ugby. i bought it on sale. it is still avail online.

    it is a slim fit. it will look nice on your athletic figure.