Sunday, July 26, 2009

Qipao Party

I received an invitation through Facebook to a Qipao Party in Guangzhou, China.

My girlfriend's husband, David has coolest parties. last time was a Hat Party. all the things i love...yet i could not attend. It's like a thirty person staring at a picture of watermelon.

I have about 8 Qipao in my closet now. If I had not moved to the States, I probably would have a big Qipao collection. I just love them.

**click on the pictures for details.


  1. you have perfect body for qipao, so i'm not surprised that you have 8 in your collection. :) i would've been feeling a bit bummed about not attending a fun party either. sometimes i do wish i was living back in asia, because of the more fun and happening lifestyle than the life in suburbs. but i think my mentality is a perfect example of grass is always greener on the other side.

  2. Betsy,

    thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.

    I miss my Asian lifestyle too. more friends more parties more good places to eat moree everything... it's a vibrant, colorful, fast-paced city lifestyle.

    then i moved here because i was tired of it. - yup! it is very true, grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. :)

  3. oh regarding my body type. i have a boyish type. with picking up my exercise routine, i will be a athletic type with more toned and defined. sometimes i wish i have more curves but then i dont like the down side of it.

  4. ops, i did not finish what i said in above post.

    therefore, i dont know if my body type is the perfect type for Qipao. i always want to have a bit extra on my hip.

  5. i still think qipao works for you body type. i would love to wear them more often for dressy occasions but i'm just too curvy all around. my only custom-made qipao was for my wedding and it was such a wonderful experience to get it made from scratch. the "master" was meticulous and i just oooh and ahhhhed whenever she showed me pics and let me caress the fabrics.

  6. Thank you Betsy.

    People here appreciate a Chinese style clothes like Qipao. I wore it once in my husband's best friend's wedding. it was a black one with color embroidery on one side of shoulders, and one side of slits.

    these days, we try to dress to fit in...i guess. for me, just a little extra attention to how i dress every day. not over the top.