Thursday, July 9, 2009

end of season sales

too many sales, too little time and fund.

saks and nm both kicked off their final sale of the season.


** this DVF scarf was one of the final sale item. I bought it from second cut. i am glad i did because it was sold out before i got to the sale section this morning.

This morning, i opened up my email and saw the sale email from saks. I stole an hour from my son's play time (guilty charged) on saks online shopping. after a contest with time, i scooped up two dresses, one sun hat, one trendy pants and some cute clothes for my son.

after we got back from my son's morning class, i saw two brown boxes by the door. My new Ferretti dress was arrived. it is very pretty. I didn't even have to try on and i know it is a keeper. Inside another box was a RL black label skinny jeans with zipper on the ankle. I have a pair of white in the same style.


  1. Ooooh... the Ferretti dress is gorgy! Modeling pics, please! :)

  2. Thank you Betsy and Kdot!

    I will post modeling pictures soon. i hope my husband will take some good ones for me. i dont like pictures in mirrors as much as the ones in real life activities.

    have a great Friday!

  3. Hi Julia, I love the colors of your DVF scarf! I didn't see it in our DVF store here. Is it chiffon or silk? (I also bought something from's a gold silk harem-like pants with garter trims..haven't got a chance to wear it yet.)

    Your Ferretti dress is gorgeous too! The colors blend well together. It gives me a feeling of oriental chic, esp. with the beads details in the middle of the dress's waistline. You are good with choosing prints. Hope you can model for us this dress soon.

    Good buys!


  4. Some how I missed this before...the DVF scarf is very beautiful. Oh I remember the RL white jeans ...very nice choice to get them now in the dark denim. An dthe dress is just you. Can't wait to see modeling pics.

    Pss...I also bought the DVF top, it should be arriving this week in the mail...can't wait. Thanks for your input :-)