Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rachel's red dress outfit

I have known Rachel from TPF for over a year now. We hit off because we have a lot in common.

When I read about her journey/story moving to States, it was like reading my own. I live in NorthEast, Boston. and she lives in SoCa, a rich little town, Cupertino, where almost 40% of population are Asian.

We have different styles when it comes to fashion. I am leaning to be a classic dresser, she is about taking risk. I love to be surprised by her new pictures, it is just so much fun to look at.

I think we share some same readers. to answer Rachel's question about what hat i think is better for her red dress outfit, i need to use some pictures. so i post my reply here instead, i know she will see this.

no doubt, it is a great outfit and Rachel pulled it off because she is tall and slim and pretty :) however, in my book, the accessories for this outfit were a little off.

The outfit has this Bohemian, Gypsy vibes going on. as Rachel said, it's supposed to be sporty.
a white Chanel 255 flap is very glamor and dressy in my book; the pink baseball hat does not go with the outfit- i think a straw fedora hat or a headscarf (see pictures below: the hat is my husband's ) would be a better option.

i like Rachel's black sneakers. but a pair of flat sandals are as comfortable but chic-er.

what do you think, Rachel?


  1. I have Fedora hats and something like this one would be my cowboy hat bought from Six Flag....haha..... Well, it has "Corola" sign on I don't know if they go together. I must try then. :)

    Thanks, pal. Even though I don't know if that hat goes w/ my red dress, I do love the hat goes w/ Gypsy dress! :)

  2. yup, there are a lot of hats options for that red-hot dress.

    i bought a red dress last week. it is a different style from yours. i just saw a picture of Megan Fox in a very sexy long red dress, at a Berlin premiere of Thansformers.

    my red dress is like a good girl dress. hm.. may not be sexy. oh well.