Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Gathering at Minado

four couples with kids gathered in Minado restaurant today.  it was a lot of fun. good time always goes by fast.

after the lunch, we found ourselves in the mall. it was not as crowded as Black Friday, but it still took us 20 minutes to park.

four family was separated in the mall... it was very difficult to be there for long with kids. with a stroller and a rental kid's car, we managed spending 3 hours.

 at the last minute, i decided to wear my new fur vest.  the tall boots i had on were only 1.5' heels because i knew we would have a lot of walks to do today.  and my husband was not going to be with us.

my fashionista son  will be a lady's man when he grows up.  in this picture, he was carrying Linlin's LV bag and looked very natural with it! hahaha...

we asked him to hold her hand and have some pictures taken. he was shy at the first...

gosh, they looked so cute together... look at her very fashionable outfit.  inside that hot pink suede coat with fur scarf, she had a pink/purple leopard dress on.

  B was very happy with his outfit today. he asked me to take some pictures before we went out.

i am proud of B for the quality he possesses at such young age - compromise.   he gave up his red car so everyone was happy. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

we don't go to the malls or stores on Black Fridays. I did some online shopping as usual. Husband decided to get some stuff for his hobby after lunch. 

luckily, the store we went was not super packed. it was full but not unbearable crowded. something i noticed, while husband took his time shopping like a woman shop a new purse,  i did not see any other Asian in the store, and the huge store was full of people (White and Hispanic).  it is very unusual because you always see a lot of Asian in the stores and malls. btw,  we were at Bass Pro Shop.

like father like son.  it seems lil B likes shooting too.  his daddy is very good at it.

there will be no surprise lil B grows up loving all kinds of outdoors activities like his daddy.

a couple of hot Patriot cheer leaders were selling their bikini calendar in the store...


I felt very thankful about my precious boy, my husband who cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for two family, and friend's family's warm company.

This is what Thanksgiving is all about: having a traditional Thanksgiving meal with people you love.

our friend took this picture for us. she is very good at capturing the moment...

husband took this picture for me before guests arrived.

 our friend liked my hair-do and she took a picture of it.

the perfect turkey husband made..

the lovely gingerbread house our friends made.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Exercise Gadget

I am curious about how many bloggers can keep up blogging for years to come.. because i feel like abandoning it sometimes.

however, exercising regularly is something i can't stop. I reduced my trips to the gym since the weather became cold. then my sweet other half came home from work last week and told me he had a present for me.did i hear 'present' ?! normally presents from him are pre-arranged - by me! ... oh oh oh, i see now, XBox 'Connection' exercise game - he was telling me in his subtle way that he wanted his partner to stay in shape. because he goes to the gym regularly no matter what.

2 days later, i was in front of this cool thing -
the person behind my visual fitness instructor was me, i was holding a camera and taking pictures.

at the end of the session, i got a score... a decent 88 out of 100. it was not bad for the first-timer. plus i lost some points when i took pictures. hm.

i thought about this D & G silk cami with butterfly pattern today. and then, a new sweater cardigan to go with it was ordered online.  i hope it will be given a new life...

...and this bronze metallic mini skirt.  it wants to get out of my wardrobe for some fresh air too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Key Piece: Leopard Print Fur Vest

B was a happy and good boy yesterday. He got a 'terrific' sticker from school, he said not everyone got the sticker,only he and his buddy got it.
so he was rewarded with candy!

i was looking for a fur vest. this little cropped one finally made the cut.  i tried big, full length ones, i looked rather silly and overwhelmed in those.  i guess a taste of it is just what i need. no over-dose on the trend...

it got cozy pockets. plus side is, B loves the touch of it. he could not get his hands off the soft rabbit fur. fortunately it is leopard print.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Shopping Started

Monday is a good day for us to shop. Not crowded in the mall, B doesn't go to school.

A nice stranger took this picture for me and B.

B took this picture for me in the restaurant.  I looked tired, even under the make-ups. I need to go to bed earlier!

B got mommy's outfit in the picture, but not her head.

then he got a close shot of my leopard print silk blouse.

we got a whole bag of stuff. most of them are for B.  i got a shirt from J.Crew - my very first piece from the brand!  i was there to get some sweaters for B... he did pick a few things. they have additional 30% off on sales items.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shearling Lined

shearling lined jacket/coat are pretty popular this year. so i got this...

this Kein Label maple sugar color top feels comfortable and casual.  it is a neutral and versatile color.

 this Tod's bag is not new, but i just started to use it this season.

 i grabbed a pair of Ugg shearling-lined clogs when i was walking around in the mall with friend. they felt so comfortable. i couldn't resist.

 such a beautiful color combo, very flattering on Asian skin tone. i want to get a jacket like that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

College Football Game: Army v.s. Air Force

This past weekend, we enjoyed a special college football game. It was special, because: 1. husband's school (Air Force Academy)was playing ( and won ); 2. we were visiting grandpa at the same time. he is a huge college football fan.

we all had a wonderful time. I took a lot of pictures.  hard to decide which one to post...

it was a full house in Michie Stadium.

do they only pick handsome kids to go to military colleges??  - i start to think so!

B learned how to salute like a soldier.

B was amazed by the parachute show...

his hair turns orange in the sun.

more handsome cadets...

 he was not a cadet,  just a fashionista passing by.

 players started to enter the field and warm up for the game...

some handsome cadets sat in front of me.  no complain about the view i got.

a beautiful service woman... too bad i did not capture the moment when she smiled.  she was stunning when she smiled.

he stood 6'6 tall in that well fitted suit... hm, just when i thought my husband had great figure...

my attention was caught by a couple passing by.  she was a slim and stylish Asian girl...

and she had a good reason to laugh like that- her gorgeous and sweet boyfriend stood by her.

 after the game, we had a family dinner at a Steak house.