Monday, November 8, 2010

College Football Game: Army v.s. Air Force

This past weekend, we enjoyed a special college football game. It was special, because: 1. husband's school (Air Force Academy)was playing ( and won ); 2. we were visiting grandpa at the same time. he is a huge college football fan.

we all had a wonderful time. I took a lot of pictures.  hard to decide which one to post...

it was a full house in Michie Stadium.

do they only pick handsome kids to go to military colleges??  - i start to think so!

B learned how to salute like a soldier.

B was amazed by the parachute show...

his hair turns orange in the sun.

more handsome cadets...

 he was not a cadet,  just a fashionista passing by.

 players started to enter the field and warm up for the game...

some handsome cadets sat in front of me.  no complain about the view i got.

a beautiful service woman... too bad i did not capture the moment when she smiled.  she was stunning when she smiled.

he stood 6'6 tall in that well fitted suit... hm, just when i thought my husband had great figure...

my attention was caught by a couple passing by.  she was a slim and stylish Asian girl...

and she had a good reason to laugh like that- her gorgeous and sweet boyfriend stood by her.

 after the game, we had a family dinner at a Steak house.


  1. yup... lots of eye candy.

    we will go watch a game next year in Oct. let me know if you guys want to join in.