Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Exercise Gadget

I am curious about how many bloggers can keep up blogging for years to come.. because i feel like abandoning it sometimes.

however, exercising regularly is something i can't stop. I reduced my trips to the gym since the weather became cold. then my sweet other half came home from work last week and told me he had a present for me.did i hear 'present' ?! normally presents from him are pre-arranged - by me! ... oh oh oh, i see now, XBox 'Connection' exercise game - he was telling me in his subtle way that he wanted his partner to stay in shape. because he goes to the gym regularly no matter what.

2 days later, i was in front of this cool thing -
the person behind my visual fitness instructor was me, i was holding a camera and taking pictures.

at the end of the session, i got a score... a decent 88 out of 100. it was not bad for the first-timer. plus i lost some points when i took pictures. hm.

i thought about this D & G silk cami with butterfly pattern today. and then, a new sweater cardigan to go with it was ordered online.  i hope it will be given a new life...

...and this bronze metallic mini skirt.  it wants to get out of my wardrobe for some fresh air too.


  1. Julia, I am off to NYC in a couple of hours, for a Thanksgiving break with my family.

    So just wanted to wish you Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Julia, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  3. Hi, Julia. Hope you will not drop the blog. I just sign up and start to be a fan of yours. have a nice holiday!


  4. Mona P, Claudia,

    thank you for the holiday greeting!

    Happy Holiday to your family too,

    hope your Thanksgiving went very well.

    xoxo -j

  5. Vivien,

    Thank you. I will stick to it as long as i can. i am going back to work next summer hopefully...

    you too have a wonderful holiday!

    xoxo -j